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A HUGHISM is a my philosophy and/or random thoughts written out in 140 characters or less over TWITTER Since most of the people who check my blog don’t twit with me. I’m gonna post up random HUGHISM’s on my blog.  Get familiar cause it’s time for me to spread the LOVE…

This is part 2…


#Hughism I don’t go HAM… I go BACOM! 

#Hughism I don’t think any question is stupid, but pretending to have all the answers is…

#Hughism Knowledge Of Self (Determination) (Word To Talib Kweli!)

#Hughism Life without knowledge is like death in disguise… (Word To Talib Kweli!)

#Hughism The words I say don’t always convey what I’m feeling… (Word To Talib Kweli!)

#Hughism There’s no stopping a person with a vision even if you take his/her sight away (Word to Ray Charles!)

#Hughism I guess everyone needs someone to love… Can’t keep love lonely  (Word to The Pharcyde!)

#Hughism I’m single because this guy gets all the ladies  ===> http://twitpic.com/t8dle

#Hughism I think elves really existed once… I don’t know why, but I just do…

#Hughism We all have a 6th sense…. I call mine DRIVE

#Hughism One who strives for attention is no different than anyone else who has an addiction, but they’re more self destructive in my opinion

#Hughism Time machines are stupid, hence the fact that the guy who invented it hasn’t come back from his trip yet.

#Hughism “I ain’t got it so you can’t have it… X gonna give it to ya” (Via DMX’s weird ass mouth)

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D/L: ===> Channel Live ft. KRS-ONE – Mad Izm

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Sometimes all you really want from someone is sincerity… Fuck the games… The run around… Just be real and sincere…

Me… I’m too sincere, which in some circles is a burden, but to me it’s what makes me who I am. I can’t fake or front or live some bullshit dream someone else has for me. I do me, I say what’s on my mind and I’m not scared to admit my faults.

Does this make me better than someone else?

Obviously not because it takes a special breed of individual to be this real and speak from the heart. I just pride myself on being this way because it’s really all I got that makes me unique… It’s a part of my HEART & SOUL. Those who know me for real appreciate it… Those who don’t get to know me, put me in a box and will never truly embrace what makes me who I am and probably will never know until they miss me.

That’s some cocky and brash shit of me to say, but that’s what it is and will always be.

Do you hate me for my words yet?

If you do… Oh well… I can only put you in the same box you put me in. And you know what that makes you?


So if I die today at least I’ll die knowing that I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO SINCERE in life and will carry on that legacy through eternity… After all, our impression on the world is only really felt after we’re dead and gone and that’s when you can say you’re part of HISTORY and HISTORY is something that will define and shape minds for ages…

I think I want to be down with that.


“I never knew how you could hide… Everytime you told a lie, but now I know why you’re so cold, but I don’t understand?/ Now that you set me free/ I truly think that we could find love seperately… I need sincerity-Mary J. Blige

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D/L: ===> Mary J. Blige ft. DMX & Nas – Sincerity (Remix)

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dmxIf you didn’t know I’m one of the biggest advocates for whatever DMX does. He’s one of the most sincere people ever… Disregard the drugs and crazy talk and think about it… He’s a pretty cool dude.

Nevertheless he spoke his mind about Jay-Z in this video and kinda made sense when he summed up the Jigga Man. I can’t hate though; Jay-Z’s latest album is a gem… I won’t deny him that.  Anyways here’s X speaking on Jay… Shit’s funny! 🙂

PS: My BLOGAVERSARY is today and I’m sooooo tired and a bit under the weather… I’m gonna post the best blogs so far up sometime this weekend after I clear my head. Be patient 😉


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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D/L:===> DMX – Fuckin’ WIt D

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Don’t front Aaliyah & X made a sick pairing…

I miss shorty sometimes because she was my age at the time and lost her life doing what she loved.

I can almost relate, but I made it out of my situation “in one piece.”

X is my nigga and always will be. he made people follow the leader like no Hip Hop artist in history. His fans weren’t just fans. They were soldiers.

To X I salute you and hope when you detox and get out the bing you comeback stronger then ever.

Right now I’m like gonna just give you my song of the day ” Come Back In One Piece” got to love !

R.I.P. Aaliyah… -H

D/L: ===> Aaliyah & DMX – Come Back In One Piece

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