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Drake – Headlines (Produced by Boi 1da)

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I knew the second single was going to be on some R&B shit and this is exactly what I was lookin’ for from Drizzy on the second go around. I love how short this shit is. Kanye does a sick job on the beat and I’m 100% sure this will be around the radio for awhile. I’m happy homie went to a formula that he knows would work for an album like this. Now I’m really excited to hear whatever is going to be on this album. Before I kind of disappointed that “Over” didn’t have the staying power I wish it had… So I was about to go bananas and start leaking all the old shit I’ve been holding from Aubrey that not too many people have, just to get that old feeling back. 😉 This jawn is CERTIFIED though… I approve 100%.

Thank Me Late in stores June 15th, 2010. <=== GET IT!


Download/Listen: Drake – Find Your Love (Produced by Kanye West)

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Not as serious as it looks, but it was a good night and we had a dope time at the show! Much love to Drake & Niko for the accommodations.

To me Drake & Nickelus F are the future of Hip Hop and 2010 will show most if not all of you some shit. I’m just glad I played my part in the rise of these 2 stars.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Courtesy of Duy Nguyen

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DJ Wristpect pays homage to T.O. & V.A.’s best. Of course my niggas Nickelus F & Drake are all over this bitch!

Wristpect is an actual DJ, cuts, blends and breaks! The mixtape is dope. get it!

Download: Wristpect – Bridging The Gap V4 (Toronto to Virginia)

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I was loving this song when it came out way back in like September I think…  Now the video is here! YAY!

It is abit underwhelming, but entertaining in its own right. I like Gudda Gudda’s verse the bestest! 🙂

“I’m Gudda Gudda/ I Put Her Under/ I See Me With Her/ No Stevie Wonder/ She Don’t Even Wonder/ Cauz She Know She Bad/ And I Got Her Nigga, Grocery Bag… “

Vodpod videos no longer available.

D/L: ===> Young Money ft. Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Lloyd – Bedrock


D/L: ===> Young Money ft. Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Omarion – Girl You Know (Original Version)

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I’m so late sometimes with music that it kills me… I discovered this one when I was watching some MTVU Awards red carpet interviews on URB Magazine and I was like daam she’s kinda fly… Didn’t know she did music till I googled her. Actually copped the album on iTunes and I’m freaking hooked!

I listened to it 5x today and had to throw up a blog about it. My favorite song is “Rain.” They made a video for it and it’s very dope.

Anjulie is from Toronto (She is of Canadian, Indian and Guyanese origin). Daaaam… Drake, Melanie Fiona, Colin Munroe, Boi 1da & the list goes on… Is T.O. taking over the music scene? I don’t know, but this chick is amazing and is repping the T.O. proper!

Check out “Rain” and get her album if you’re diggin’ this jawn because it’s definitely worth it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

D/L: ===> Anjulie – Rain

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Cutest baby ever? Maybe... But I was actually cuter 🙂

I’m gonna keep this short and actually give props to the Scorpio kind… I can’t front I learned a lot from all of you and ironically in 2009 the addition of a Scorpio to my immediate family had me blown away (Baby Taylor 11.15.2009) and I feel it’s a great thing.

See… I don’t follow all this astrology shit even though I totally embody all the strengths and weaknesses of a “Gemini” while I look at the Scorpio as being well… SCARY because we’re so different.

BUT… I manage a Scorpio (Nickelus F), some of my friends are Scorpio (Nu, M.Rell, Drake…), some of my new friends like Cristal are Scorpio (Yes… She reminds me of this on the twitter daily…) and then there’s K… My Muse she’s is a Scorpio too and probably the most conflicting of them all to me (Happy Birthday by the way K… 11/19).

It’s confusing at times to be basically the polar opposite of these people and in a sense be so cool with them. Well… most of them. I guess it all lies in the fact that I’m who I am and don’t really care too much about how the stars line up anymore… I’ve disconnected from a lot of the BULLSHIT in my life and kind of feel that even though our signs may conflict, I basically don’t want to have issues with the Scorpio anymore.

I will however admit I’m too breezy and cool for a lot of the shit that a Scorpio brings to the table and maybe that’s what has caused a lot of the conflicts I’ve had with them… Especially with K. I’ve also had my differences with some of the Scorpio kind in my life… Shit Nu’s like family and I didn’t speak to him for almost 2 years over some bullshit… M.Rell and I had a falling out over shit I can’t even remember. Nick and I been cool cause even when we’ve been mad at each other the paperwork I got on him makes it so he has to talk to me. 🙂 Shit… My relationships with Scorpio has been a rocky one, but all rocks are solid and so is my devotion to my peoples. Which brings me to LOYALTY… That’s one thing I’ve picked up from the Scorpio and was something I was missing before I became so close to them.

See, I‘ve learned that in one year a lot of shit can change for all of us and 2010 is going to be a year where I see a lot of these Scorpio people doing it big… It’s about time isn’t it?

This Gemini (even though I feel worn down at times trying to deal with the “Scorpio’s Mind”) feels that I’m really in sync with what makes all of you tick now… I’m not scared anymore. Mainly because of people like my friend Cristal who is such a sweet person… I have trouble believing she has claws and a venomous tail in her aura sometimes. 😉

What’s cool is I’ve learned many lessons from all the Scorpios in my life and since my niece is one of y’all and I love her a bunch, I’ll learn to cope with my Scorpio issues and become not only a better friend to all of you, but more understanding…

Some of you seem to be a lost cause already, but I’m oblivious to that because part of being Gemini is being carefree and optimistic, but when you fuck with my FREEDOM that’s when conflict begins…

We’ll all have our day and I think many of our paths will cross again, not by force, but by fate. Fate aligned me with these people and I feel it will keep us all aligned in some way for life…

P.S.: If I ever fail (which I doubt) I have a gut feeling it will be out the hands of a Scorpio… I just have that feeling… So I just keep going hard before I get stung by the Scorpio’s poisonous tail. 😉

How real is that?

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Drake & Nickelus F – A Scorpio’s Mind (Produced by Amir)

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