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DISCLAIMER: Download the song “FUCK I LOOK LIKE” (ladies) before you start calling me an asshole. 😉

So I’m a big Sporty Thievz fan even though they only really put out one album and every single they had poppin’ was pretty much on some ‘woman bashing’ shit, but hey… That was their lane and I can respect that. So I was choppin’ up on the twit with my nigga Ivory and he mentioned their “Cheapskate” song as being one of his favorites and I was like fuck dat! “FUCK I LOOK LIKE” goes way hard and really puts these bitches in they place! haahahaha 😉

Seriously, I’m sure these niggas wasn’t 100% serious when they dropped this shit, but it’s daam funny and entertaining to sing and blow some steam off when you mad at a jawn. Ali, Shaun and I have ridden off to this song many times on those late night of partying. Shit this used to be Kenny & I’s anthem when we had the L.I. bachelor pad back in 2003.

Luckily I’ve always surrounded myself by women who aren’t selfish or money hungry… That’s a blessing and a curse because the need for money is replaced by schizophrenia, neurosis and just plane old coo-coo sometimes…

Lately though I haven’t had that problem lingering when it comes to females in my life and I’m kinda happy. 🙂

So… This to me is the “HARDEST WOMAN BASHING SONG OF THE DECADE!” I only say this because it points out the obvious and makes a nigga really want to tell a bitch, “WHAT THE FUCK I LOOK LIKE???

P.S. Excuse my language… I’m a method writer, I have to get into character when I write about a topic… I ain’t really mean to call any of you hoes, “bitches.” 😉

Why you can’t buy me a drink, buy me a mink?
Pay for my link, pay for my rent?
Pay for my cab, at least go half?
Throw me some cash, throw me some ass?
Fill my belly, wit shrimp and spaghetti?
Take me to the telly, let me use your celly?
Take me to the movies, take me to bloomi’s?
Buy me some jewelry, buy me some coogi?
Buy me a coupe, feed me some fruits?
Buy me some suits, buy me some boots?
Pay for my cut, fuck when I wanna fuck ?
Lick me up, why don’t you come pick me up?
Why don’t you meet me here, and meet me there?
Pay my fair, pay for my beer?
Pay my phone, pay for my loans?
Make me moan, take me home?

“I get crazy head, on the crazy reg/ She say my dick thick like a baby leg…”

D/L: ====> Sporty Thievz – Fuck I Look Like


D/L: ====> Sporty Thievz – Cheapskate

D/L: ====> Sporty Thievz – No Pigeons

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