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Drake & H Diddy Dollar_taggedFor the past year and some change I’ve seen my world change a lot. I’ve taken on new ways of thinking, new friends and a new way of life that border lines the savage contention of the “common man.”

I realize more than ever that I’m not “common” and no one around me is either… Nor do we strive for just being content with what life has to offer to us on our first run up to the buffet that it is (life). We go for more and have gone to the greatest of lengths to get it. I’ve always believed there’s no limit to the amount you can do if you’re willing to do it and go hard for it! That’s why I do music and that’s why now I want to make a movie… It’s shit that I know I can do… Shit I feel I can do and become great at.

And I don’t dream any more… I live and do what I want. I tell my niggas that all the time… “You only live once…” “Live for the day…” “Do it like you’re doing it for TV…”

All cliches, but real fucking talk and last night I saw it for what it really was. What we’ve worked for and want out of life; which is all the “d’evils” everyone seems to hate on when they see people getting them from a distance. All the “good” shit I’ve touched in the past (cars, money, bitches & the good life), but lately seem to be a little at a distance to me lately…

Nickelus F, Drake  & Radio B taggedWell… H Diddy seems is primed and ready for it now and so are my niggas!  No matter what we do; success is all that’s in our vision and it’s not only for us, but for everyone who’s eating with us, but they got to feel it and work just as hard for it.

And don’t worry about our shit… It’s going to be straight in OH-10…


Those are the things that no matter what goes down between us stays consistent and I saw that last night when we reunited with a friend that seemed to be “so far gone” at some point, but in real terms is still down to earth with (us) his niggas. It was some real shit and made me feel good that some of that new positive attitude I’ve adopted from Nick, Aby and even the Muse seems to be working out for me and all of us.

Life’s only going to get better… Success or Die. Are you in?

YEP!… I’ve got to watch Penn State V. Michigan in a few and I wanted to say that and I wanted to post some pictures from this week up. I’ve gotten to chill with some real talent lately…It’s gotten me inspired already! Look out for some great writing from me soon… I’m changing up the style a bit 😉


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Drake & Nickelus F – When We Come Around


Amerie & Melanie Fiona came out the box to chill on Thursday with us in DC & Drake’s birthday & Howard Homecoming @ Club Love last night 🙂

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Quote Of The Day

move_up_on“If you want to move up… sometimes you need to move on…” – Hugh ‘H Diddy Dollar’ Mulzac

I told this to Lois Lame last night when we was having our ‘semi-annual’ catching up convo… So yeah, my stupid ass should listen to my own words sometimes. You see… I go for what I feel is ‘right’ even though it’s so ‘wrong’ sometimes. And don’t get it twisted; people feel my movement… I got my first real shot of cooool points in a long time when my new friend who’s friends with my other friend and Karel Marie (yes your name remains!) was actually disappointed when I she didn’t get to know me the first time we met. I was honestly blown away because I figured a fly chick like that wouldn’t even associate herself with someone as ‘unique’ as I am, but she was diggin’ my vibe… Then it hit me; I had forgotten how much of a MAGNET I was… How come???

Because I couldn’t move on from someone feeling I wasn’t i+ anymore… Basically my Muse (Wait… no more Muse… Her name is K). I let my cool slide with her cause I felt like she was just always going to be there and could handle the shit storm that is H. Apparently I eventually lost my edge with her and it ended with me going off because she carried me like a child on a text message (Talk about losing my cool…) Any hoots… that shit I had with her I threw on a back burner till I could figure it out and after awhile I forgot about it (after like 5 blogs I wrote inspired by our last talk that is). Either way it didn’t put me in a bad space, but put me in a different state of mind.

See I really can’t stand it when people don’t like me… I know people hate me; but they at least like me… (does that even make sense???)

It does to me… I’ve never left a bad impression on someone… EVER… Even when I’ve been super offensive or belligerent… But I think I did with K because after time we kind of drifted apart because we started to feel differently about our ‘dreams’ in life and I couldn’t understand why she changed up on me so quickly… But I kind of do now because ‘if you want to move up… sometimes you need to move on…”

When we first met our connection was ridiculously strong or she was a good bullshitter and can made shit seem real on the fly… Whatever it was I was taken in and loved every moment of it, but like I said as it went on she changed up because of her life situation and I refused to let what we had go because at the time it drove me to do more. I felt like K was like motivation…

I'm now & forever will be an industrial strength magnet!

I'm now & forever will be an industrial strength magnet!

Truth be told she did inspire me on the positive tip so much… She even compared our friendship to chemistry; how opposites attract and shit (such a dork)… But she threw me in as the electron (negative) charge and she was the proton (positive) charge. I honestly think we are just IONS with different charges (directions) in life now and the only charges we carry are credit card bills…

And me… I have the worst time moving on because people to me are the only standard in my life. We’re suppose to switch up cars and clothes; not people… In her case I can see how someone like myself wouldn’t fit in the picture anymore, but in my case I can’t see her not fitting in the picture anymore… She was a true friend and I neglected that and now regret it… 😦

We’ll always be golden even if we don’t speak because we still got an undeniable connection. That can’t be faded, but “if you want to move up… sometimes you need to move on…” I hope we’re not at that point though cause K is one of those people like me that’s just MAGNET and unlike me; she hasn’t forgotten that…. (I DO REMEMBER NOW THOUGH) and maybe we’ll be cool again… I know it’s really on me to get that right though.

– H Diddy Blogger… OUT

My quote is so fresh my super model friends Re-Twitted it ;-)

My quote is so fresh my super model friends Re-Twitted it 😉

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“And I remember that day when she leavin’/ She almost blow my mind/ But it was the ending of SHE & the starting of ME/ Cause I know it’s MOVE UP time!/ I’m MOVING ON now to good times…” -Beenie Man

D/L: Beenie Man – Moving On


D/L: ===> Mos Def – Universal Magnetic

LISTEN: ===> Mos Def – Universal Magnetic

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Memorial Day… I had fun that whole week and I ❤ all of y’all who made this video happen and most of all ENTERTAINING! Nilou, you’re the FUCKING BEST!

Watch this one and enjoy it. I got more coming people…

Check for my Fast Life blog very soon. I’m taking it back to ’95 with G Rap & Nas… Shit is going to be MONUMENTOUS!

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I’ve begun to write blogs about some of the baddest chicks around from Rachael Roy to more recently Claudette Ortiz, but I never went in on someone I know. So I wanted to go in about someone who isn’t exactly that close to me, someone who hasn’t been around as long as Ace or Lois Lame or has inspired me like my Muse, but someone who has graciously taken me on because… I frankly have no clue, but she’s one of the most “intricate(d)” people I know . Her name is Aby and she puts the “A” in Awesome! 🙂

moniSo I wrote part of this back in December and another part in March and I kinda put it on hold cause I didn’t know exactly where I was going with it till I sat with Aby for like 5 hours talking about everything from our backgrounds, career goals, love, relationships and I suppose just life in general. After that convo, I was on a fast track to finishing this blog up and posting it, so here it is!

I met Aby through a friend of a friend of a friend and we started talking cause she was just such a magnet and usually I’m the magnet and 2 magnets don’t usually fuck with each other, but I sooo fucked with her. Why???

Shr taught me the “Power of Positive Thinking.” I knew of the concept, but i didn’t know how to apply it into my existence. I thank you for putting some time and effort in to get me on a path of “positivity” that eventually trickled down to other aspects of my life. You showed me that the brighter side of things was always and should always be the way to look at things.

So now I carry that with me through everything I do and to an extent it has worked and it will always be a motivating force in the way I live my life as the days go on.

So Aby, I can sincerely say that you’re one of the most intelligent, beautiful and overtly open-minded women I’ve ever met. You carry yourself like life has no obstacles and there’s no limitation to what you can succeed. I FUCKING LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU!

It’s something my team calls “MONUMENTIOUS.” It’s FIRE! It’s PASSION! It’s DRIVE!

Getting to knowing more about you has given me an understanding about a whole other world and way of thinking. It took me sometime to really get it because it was never put to me like it actually was and I’m so happy you made it clear to me. Everyone else I tried to get some insight from on it made it seem like I was to never understand it… But guess what???

If it’s clearly stated to me from the jump, I’ll always understand….

So fast forward to May 16, 2009…

I actually got to spend some one on one time with you that I could have used to 1. Kick some game or 2. Actually get to know you a little better. In intuition lead me to #2 because I always love looking deeper into people and from 1am to 6am I got familiar with you and I think you helped me come to another epiphany in my life that I’m going to make clear to some people when I get back from Philly.

Just like you put me on to the power of positive thinking, you put me on again and made me understand things that have been bothering me for so long and it’s about time I did the more grown thing and just accept these things for what they are; rather than try to change shit that I have no power to change.

You kinda put me on to the notion that no matter how similar people can be; everyone is different in that everyone has their own path that they decide to go down in life. You’ve done your thing and I’ve done mine. But not too many people do it like we do it either! And that’s what makes us all unique and different…

Oh and Aby, you didn’t back down or just say, “F it H… You’re hopeless.” You took it to where it needed to go till I saw it for what it was… It took like 5 hours, but you made it pretty clear to me. and I actually listened… That was so bawwwss of you DAWG!

And for lack of a better word you’re “special” and God made a special “thing” with you. I’d say “person,” but that would sort of be an insult to the fact that you’re not like other people at all. You’re more than the average person and you made that impression more evident the more we talked.

You’re definitely an Aby or more properly Abornita and thanks for embracing a seemingly hopeless dreamer like myself and taking on the challenge of being my friend. It takes a lot out of people to handle H, but like the chosen few that I hold near and dear to me (my Muse included even though she hates me right now), you’re right in pocket with what makes a nigga like me tick and that means the world to me and gives me the motivation to face another day and know that there’s always going to be room for improvement even though things seem so sweet already. 🙂

Aby… You The Fuckin’ Best. XOXO

P.S. ===> “intricate(d)” is not a real word…. 😦

-H Diddy Blogger… Out

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Yeah Aby… You’re KINDA LIKE A BIG DEAL… 🙂

D/L: ===> The Clipse ft. Kanye West – Kinda Like A Big Deal

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Like 3 years ago u told me drake and nick f would blow and i thought u were out of ur mind.

Now they’re on every blog

U need to be an a&r…so tell me who’s gonna blow up 3 years from now hahah

Yeah I got a good ear… But I ain’t no fuckin’ A&R… I’m just doin’ ME.

Thanks for the admiration either way Sin.

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So yes… 😦 I’m officially CAR-LESS for at least 2 months… I’ve got to deal with it because I’m in the process of buying a house and my debit to income ratio is crazy!

Which basically means, my unreported income can’t be factored into my home loan 😦 which means… I can’t buy a new car till after I close… For now I have to make sure my new clean credit is retained until my birthday. So i can unwrap a place I’ve been living in already…

On the bright side of things, I do enjoy waiting for a 5:00AM bus to getting to work at 6:30AM and being able to workout early. Feels good to have energy all day… 🙂

Below is a video I made last weekend right after I traded in my second car for cash… The other vehicle is in PA collecting dust getting ready for a baby-seat 🙂

When I close on the crib I’m getting me something (car) sweet  hopefully, but this is a good learning experience and life lesson for me and I’ma come out of it on top of my game!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2nd video from Nickelus F’s Heathen album…

Yeah I directed this one with a little help by JR the Waiter on this one…

The Silverust – Racquetball video coming soon…

For now enjoy this one 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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