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“Homie you’s a SQUARE that’s why your girl is in my CIRCE” Lil Wayne

It’s gonna be a hot summer…

I’m so ready to go in cause I’ve got to get it…

Ain’t nothing else I know, son… -H

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Static Major ft. Lil Wayne – I Got My…


<===You = SQUARE


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static_majorStatic Major… One of the most talented singer/song writers to ever do it in the modern age of Hip Hop/R&B.

He’s written some of the biggest hits for Aaliyah (“Are You That Somebody?”, “We Need A Resolution,” “Rock The Boat” & more), Ginuwine (“Pony”), Nas (“You Owe Me”), Lil Wayne (“Lollipop”)

Static Major was MAJOR and got his big break off Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” single last year and was prepping for his long awaited solo debut. With all this experience under his belt Static Major was on his way (finally), but his life was tragically cut short by in February of 2008 from complication from a botched medical procedure that caused a cerebral aneurysm that systematically killed him.

What’s sad about this is that just as his talent was becoming universally recognized his life was snatched away in such a terrible and most of all ironic/preventable way. Makes me think about my place in the music business. Will my claim to fame be “that guy who has helped Nickelus F & Drake get their careers started” or will I do something greater than that?

I say the latter of the 2 because I think bigger than the now and the future is so much more sweeter if what’s good and most of all realistic for you is what you strive for. If my ties to the world are cut short, I hope my writing, videos and impact on people is a legacy that will make live forever. I might never be listed in Wikipedia or get to have my shit all over TMZ or get to smash Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox, but I’ll be happy knowing that for the short time while I was here on earth I was instrumental in the forward progression of people that I can say I love.

From family to friends to people in the business it’s all in a days work and I got my…

– H Diddy Blogger… OUT

D/L: ===> Static Major ft. Lil Wayne – I Got My…

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