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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lloyd Banks has come back with an official N-Y-C banger! My Queens niggas always come through in the clutch! Had to rep for this jawn.

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9/ 11 seems to come around like clock work as I get older. I remember hearing about it and knowing my cousin was at the World Trade Center working… Oddly enough he wasn’t near “Ground Zero” at the time, but my whole family was upset and worried. I was numb to the whole thing when it happened cause I was in school at the time and all I could think about was copping Jay-Z’s Blueprint & Fabolous’s Ghetto Fabolous album that day. I skipped class to get the albums and skipped the rest of the week cause all my professors felt I “needed the time off.” It was crazy being a New Yorker on campus then… My professors were more than understanding to me missing classes, but I felt guilty because I didn’t know why… I didn’t lose anyone… “WE” (NEW YORK CITY) lost a part of history, apart of the people of the Big Apple and a part of the heart of the city.

I couldn’t imagine to this day what the people who had loved ones there felt as this whole thing unfolded on national television…

So now instead of dwelling on it and wondering; every year I pay homage to those we loved and lost on 9/11… NYC will never die!

“I still smell the rotten people that lay/ Down at ground zero, forgotten, left there for days/ Probably left there to stay, left in decay/ Broken pieces of towers, left in their graves(hey)!/ I pray let them be saved, until then, that’s just a suggestion I made/ You follow me homie?!?!” – Juelz Santana “I Love You” 2003

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D/L: ===> Diplomats ft. Juelz Santana & Cam’Ron – I Love You

LISTEN: ===> Diplomats ft. Juelz Santana & Cam’Ron – I Love You

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Honestly the only Gucci Mane song that ever moved me was So Icy ft. his arch nemesis Young Jeezy. Very awesome song!

This new jawn is strictly loved cause the video is SWEEEEET! Cars, Women, Mansions and a few more of my favorite things… 🙂

Makes me want that rap money even more! LET’S GET IT!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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So I’m like over the whole ARAB MONEY thing, but I keep a stash of some of it with some other currency for a “rainy” day…

Busta remixed this song about 4 times and this is the best one so far. Got the original gibberish hook, but it holds its own with some hot ass features from Jimmy, Juelz & Jada.

Thank Me Later… H


Koff Dollar Reppin’!

Listen: ===> Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Browz, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones & Jadakiss – Arab Money (Remix #3)

D/L: ===> Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Browz, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones & Jadakiss – Arab Money (Remix #3)

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Suicide (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the act of terminating one’s own life. Many dictionaries also note the metaphorical sense of “willful destruction of one’s self-interest”. Suicide may occur for a number of reasons, including depression, shame, guilt, desperation, physical pain, pressure, anxiety, financial difficulties, or other undesirable situations. The World Health Organization noted that someone commits suicide every 39 seconds, making it one of the leading causes of death in the world.There are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year.


Ask yourself that question.

To me… The literal term Suicide is never an option. It’s a cowards escape from reality… A loser’s release from their lame life… It’s the only thing I think I will never be able to do (I mean never… I think I’ll grow wings and be able to fly before I consider suicide.)

So why do people commit “suicide” then?

Well I have my own theory on it.

Look deep into yourself and pull from your soul for a second. Forget that you’re of physical form and just feel free.

Close your eyes… Wait a few seconds and just fall…

With darkness comes peace and when you “kill yourself” you’re at peace… You ONE yourself…

I LITERALLY “killed” “myself” a few months ago and it was liberating.

To separate your reality from your soul is pretty eye opening.

It makes you see things for what they are.

Whether it’s relationships, money, family or friends; facing issues head on and embracing what I call a “new beginning” is like killing yourself.


When the stupid motherfucker who blows his/her brains out every 30 seconds does it they’re thinking what I’m thinking…


bUT… What these foolish suicidal twits don’t get is…

No matter what situation you’re in… To be LIVING and BREATHING is the greatest gift we have. So whether you have money or you’re homeless or you’re cute or ugly, you always should be grateful for the fact that you have the GIFT OF LIFE.

I walk with that chip on my shoulder everyday and some people hate me for it.

I advise them to KILL THEMSELVES… Because we’re all different!

I never followed the adage, “To walk in another man’s shoes….” Blah Blah BLAH! BULLSHIT!

I got my own problems to worry about, why the fuck would I want to walk in your shoes?

Then there’s the, “Well he got some real nice shoes…” adage.


Well… I’m working on getting my own nice shoes and they’re like some A. Testoni jawns to walk over your grave with after you commit suicide motherfuckers!!!

I always say, “I feel no remorse or pity for weak willed people.”

This includes those who settle for less because of low self-esteem… Those who can’t comply with change and those who just don’t understand that there’s more to life then a  regimental design (ie “work, sleep, eat, work, eat, go to bed…”)

Open your eyes and realize that as long you you live and breath there’s always something to smile about and embrace what else is out there for you rather then settling for the NORMS…


I’m sure that the thought of OFFING YOURSELF has crossed your mind more than once and I urge you to do so if you don’t see that CHANGE is good and that LIFE can be good or even better with it.

I’m not preaching to y’all and saying you have to live a certain way… If you’re content with regimental life… Shit go ahead and live it!


Some people are meant for that life and can bear it till they die and no one remembers their name or face or why they even existed…

Sad thing is these people sometimes plant seeds that grow up with the values that held their elders minds back and sometimes these seeds see no way out, but SUICIDE…


I can go on for days, but I’m officially going to say… I’m an advocate for “KILLING YOURSELF” not SUICIDE , but “killing” “yourself” and literally letting go of what’s holding you back and cutting off a cancer that traps your mind to think the way you do.

I’m surely not getting at anyone specific here either, but if you can take what I’m writing to heart then there’s some meaning and truth behind these words I’ve spilled and maybe you will opt to KILL YOURSELF before it’s too late.

H Diddy Blogger… OUT

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I’ve been so on Cam’Ron lately (NO HOMO) cause he’s the MAN!!!! Here’s some classic Dipset antics with Tim Westwood… Got to love it!

1st video Cam brings out his “Bottom Bitch”

2nd video they talk about groupies, strippers and “THE PLAN”


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This song makes no fucking sense and neither does Ron Brows hook!!! The shit is SUPER STRAIGHT with me though. 

Homie has left Aftermath Records and is back on that SHIT!!! BUSTA’S BACK!!!


D/L ===> Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Brows – Arab Money

Listen ===> Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Brows – Arab Money


D/L ===> Ron Browz ft. Ludacris, Jim Jones, & Juelz Santana – Pop Champagne (Remix)

D/L ===> Jim Jones ft. Ron Brows & Juelz Santana – Pop Champagne

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