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I’ve been  holding back on an MJ blog because everyone did one so soon, but I wanted to marinate over his music for a bit to really get a feel for what I actually meant to me. To be honest, Michael Jackson’s music was always and forever be great. He’s touch over a half a billion people with his words. Who can say that nowadays?

No one really, not even Barack Obama or 50 Cent… Well maybe 50… 😉 But seriously I can’t really say much to the effect of how his music impacted me. I’m sad we lost one of the greats, but his music was part of the catalog of great music I listened to daily, which makes it very special in it’s own right. I’m kinda over his passing because to me he was gone years ago…

It’s like from age 5 to 50 this man hadn’t left the spotlight. He changed from child to man-child and never really got to experience those private moments of childhood and even adulthood that make us appreciate what life’s about. Him passing away kind of makes it seem like he’s finally at peace with himself…

To me Michael used music as an escape from the reality of his “being,” which made him prolific. He was one of the few artists that didn’t have to overwhelm us with lyrics of total sadness or total glee, but it moved us even more than someone who was more flamboyant about their emotions. Maybe it was his voice? Maybe his look? Maybe it was just him…

He was so real and I think his music touched people because he wasn’t talking like your common dreamer, he had it all, but wanted to strive for those moments that we take for granted, but appreciate through because someone so huge can “relate.” Think about songs like “Remember The Time,” “Ben” (He was singing to a rat), “Childhood,” “Rock With You,” “The Way You Make Me Feel” & “Human Nature…” Records we cherish because they bring out emotions that we feel.

Like being up all night on the phone with that girl you like (“Remember The Time”)…. Rockin’ out with your girl all night at the club (“Rock With You”)… A simple song about missing someone’s loving touch (“You Are Not Alone”)…

Michael was far from the average human, but made us all feel he was as human as you or me with his music…

…:::My Michael Jackson Top 10:::…

01. I’ll Be There w/The Jackson 5

02. Man In The Mirror

03. Rock With You

04. Remember The Time

05. I Wanna Be Where You Are

06. You Rock My World (Remix) ft. Jay-Z

07. Right Here (Human Nature Duet) w/ SWV

08. Ben (The song about a rat)

09. Never Can Say Goodbye w/The Jackson 5

10. She’s Out Of My Life

What Michael Jackson Song are you?

I think Michael made a song to describe everyone, even the people I love. So here’s a few of the MJ songs that I feel kinda make me think of my niggas…

Mom & Dad = Beat It: Cause when I was hangin’ with them on Sunday they was rockin’ out heavy to that jawn.

Karen (Sister) = Billie Jean: Cause it was one of those songs that we used to sing when we were kids and it always brings a smile to my face even though we’re not on the best of terms lately…

The Muse (K) = You Rock My World (Remix) ft. Jay-Z: Because that’s what she does… She’s the Mike Jordan of STYLE & I’m the Hugh Hef of the game with no socks 😉

Nick (Nickelus F) = Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’: Just pure energy… A spice for life & creativity in song structure, lyrics and range. Everything Nick brings to the table musically…

Shkeema = P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing): What can I say about my personal Lisa Turtle, but she’s one of the fliest/freshest women I know and she goes hard on the dance floor! And this song definitely reminds me of her…

M.Rell = Stranger In Moscow: Cause it sounds like Timbaland could have produced it, but also because Rell is just a deep person if you know em well enough. Just like the Stranger In Moscow.

Lois Lame = Black Or White: Obviously cause you’re as white as a white girl can get and I’m as black as a half black man can get… 🙂

Alex = Smooth Criminal: I have no clue why, but I was thinking this song before I even thought to ask him and he said, “Smooth Criminal.”  I think because it’s so random and Michael doesn’t really make much sense throughout the songs progression, but it’s hot and he keeps asking, “Anne are you okay???” I think she is cause she’s prolly with Alex and the young I-talian is just as random as this song is sometimes, but that’s why  he’s that nigga!  😉

Naomi = Bad: She’s just bad… People from Boston are so rude… So raw… So…. BAD! Naomi hasn’t earned her “raw”some status from nowhere… She’s really the baddest chick I know. 🙂

What MJ Song(s) Describe Me Best?

ME = Man In The Mirror/Ben: “Man In The Mirror” because I have this internal struggle to change myself (for the better of course), but I’m scared to look in the mirror and start that “change.” I want to make the world a better place for real, but I’m frankly too selfish right now. I’m more worried about the now to look and uplift for tomorrow. And man in the mirror is just so deep and I alway find some new shit in it when I listen to it. “Ben” I can’t call this one… It’s like I’m the rat Ben and MJ is speaking to me and telling me I got a place to go, but for real the song is speaking to the “unique” people of the world. It’s like Michael had himself in mind when he went in on this too.  No one was as unique as Michael Jackson in my eyes. Through his trials and tribulations he tried to remain stable in the public eye. Now he’s gone and he’s redeemed himself because his mistakes don’t out weight his accomplishments. I think to myself sometimes, is that what it will take for people to appreciate me sometimes? Me being gone? I don’t know…  If or when it happens, it will be an interesting day.

Well there it is. MJ to me in a 1,000 words or less.

H Diddy Blogger… Out

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson

(08.29.1958 – 06.25.2009)


Cool video of Dwele posted on YouTube where he just freestyles MJ’s “Human Nature” right after he heard MJ passed

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