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What do you want a Biscuit?

Probably my favorite LL Cool J song of all time and arguably his lamest video ever…

I mainly fuck with this song cause as corny as LL is he always stayed true to form when it came to the ladies. This song is all about “creepin'”. “Aiyyo baby I know you don’t love me/ I know why you’re here/ But I ain’t sayin nothin…” -LL

Daam right! LL was ahead of his time with this record and I have to pay homage to it because it’s laid back and chill and I got some great memories of this jawn from back in the day. 1990 is when this came out, so I I know I used to catch the video on the late night NBC video show on Saturday nights (we ain’t have cable till 1992). We finally got BET & MuchMusic and the was in rotation on their Rap City shows… I have no clue how this song stuck out to me in the beginning because I didn’t get the Mama Said Knock You Out cd it was on till like 1999; So it must have been some type of voodoo magic that got me addicted to this one…

Sigh… I really didn’t understand the song or the video till later on in life… He’s wearing a plastic link chain made of fruit charms, he’s sucking on a baby bottle full of fruit juice… He looks super suspect with the Mickey Mouse gloves on and spitting game in the Grace Jones look alike’s ear…. Oh well… We forgive you LL… At least you didn’t make this video ===> David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling.

LL you get a pass my nigg… Mainly because this song is CLASSIC!

I know what you want, I made ya want it / Take my hand listen to the man/ You have a plan don’t even risk it / What do you want – a biscuit?-6 Mins…

D/L: ===> LL Cool J – 6 Minutes Of Pleasure

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