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So I’ve been on this positive thinking trip lately that doesn’t seem to be too effective, so I’ve decided I’m doing something super-wrong…

Yep! There’s something wrong with me… With the way I present myself… The way I’m BRANDED…


Because a well BRANDED name can sell anything, look at Barack Obama. Smart dude… Made his whole campaign a commercial for “change” with no real insight to what that change is and y’all voted for em. Good looks, intelligence, charm and charisma got homie in.¬† It’s honestly to early to gauge if he’s up to par for the job of president, but the man got over well and the public is still so forgiving even as the economy sinks deeper into the trenches.

So my goal now is rather then trying to spread positive energy and thinking more, I’m going to channel some of that energy into POSITIVE BRANDING of myself so that it’s almost an undeniable factor for people not like the H BRAND!

Step #1: Less caring/sharing and more stunting/flossing.


What turns heads more then a nice car, fresh kicks and a bad chick sitting shotgun?

ME with a nice car, fresh kicks and a bad chick sitting shotgun. Fuck what you heard! Everyone from 50 Cent to Barack Obama stunted hard to get where they’re at. So I got to get it in like they did. No question that presentation is key. One thing I learned from my man Drake is that even if people don’t like, having all the finer thing in life does build character. How you let it effect you is key to where it will take you. I’ve gotten the best and had it taken away and got it right back again… Now I appreciate things more and that transcends into people. there’s not a moment that I don’t say “thank you” for something from someone and everyday I’m thankful for everything I’m blessed with now. So don’t get mad at me when I start to stunt on em like my daddy is Birdman, cause that’s just how we do! And thank you for paying attention when I do it. ūüôā

Step #2 The Look


I’m undeniably cute (when I want to be)… I mean some days, I’m just a fatty or don’t feel like matching or don’t shave or get a fresh cut…¬† Now I got to make it so 24/7 so I can solidify my Brad Pitt stature. ūüôā Of course getting back in shape is a big part of that and that’s what I’m doing now and I’m going to stick to it as long as I live. Any good brand must look as well as play the part. (Elective cosmetic surgery is always an option as well!). But seriously looking good is a state of mind, confidence in your appearance is what is key. Even when I wasn’t as fit as I’m becoming, I was confident and that translated into the way people looked at me. When I lost that confidence my stock fell… Now I’m the only stock on the market that’s rising as the rest fall… I’ma keep it going and help the H BRAND become something everyone wants to invest in one day. ūüôā because it’s going to be so daam HOT! ūüôā

Step #3 Impact people positively even when I mess up or I’m not exactly what they need.


Apparently all good brands leave a vague presents that fools the consumer into thinking that it’s the shit, even when it doesn’t actually benefit you in any good way at all . Like seriously do we really need Doritos or Paris Hilton? Both strong brand names and don’t necessarily make us feel any better day to day, right?¬† But they give us a sense of good feeling when we consume them. That’s what I want to become. Less substance, more flavor and more trans-fatty acids for that ass! And look at Paris Hilton, 3 sextape, racist and dumb as a tree stump, but she consistently is a media magnet and all that negative shit that gets whipped on her is all forgotten when she says a witty, “THAT’S HOOTTT!” I ‚̧ Paris Hilton.

Step #4 Make Ace my publicist/right-hand.


One of the few people I know that embodies my “get it done by any means necessary philosophy.” She’s so real with it too and she knows how to wiggler her way out of situations using her charm rather then her attitude. I think she knows what it takes to makes a good BRAND stand out! Oh and we both crack each other up, so if I got a Kool Aid smile on my grill it’s because she just cracked a funny! More over Ace is a team player and knows how to get shit done… Shit anyone who walks 150 NYC blocks home everyday in the summer time got dedication! She’s got style, presents and personality. This nigga is the shit and she’s cute too boot! If anyone can make my BRAND stand out it’s this one… Watch! ūüôā


Step #5 Money/Greenback/Scrilla!


Need greenbacks to get love nowadays. Whether you’re getting married or running for political office, money is critical to the cause. Personally I wouldn’t “buy” people’s love for the H BRAND with big billboards and commercials telling them to “obey,” “follow my lead” or “feel the power of the H.” NO! I’d just make people’s lives better one dollar at a time… Even when trying to be modest in my branding efforts money is always going to be needed to spread the love! So it must be mentioned because it will be used somewhere down the line. SLOGAN===>¬† “I’ll make your hopes and dreams come true when you swing your love to Hugh…” ūüôā

Step #6 My own T-shirt….


When you’re a popular T-shirt, you’re as well BRANDED as a Texas steer after a rancher burns his log into that heffers ass!¬† Baaaawwwws~!

Step #7 Keeping it real.


I’ve prided myself on how real I am with people. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, but sincerity is something we as humans should start to look more for in our leaders because once one promise is broken trust starts to fade. I need to be as slick as Barack, as cool as Jay-Z and as honest as 50 Cent. No need to show people that I just talk a good game, but I don’t front as well. When you aspire for greatness keeping people’s trust is key. When branding yourself I think back to Jay-Z’s promo for Vol. 3¬† “Jay-Z The Name You Can Trust” Stolen from old political campaigns, but very true. H… The Name You Can Trust!


Step #8 The right woman by your side…


Michelle Obama was key in Barack’s win as president. She came off as the dedicated, beautiful, strong, supportive woman that every woman should be. She is media friendly and can probably be president one day herself. It’s no secret there’s always a good woman behind NEXT to every great man. What I see in a great woman? One that isn’t afraid to move like me. One that’s not afraid of what the future has in store. One that shares common interest and can finish my thoughts before I even speak. One that got fire and passion like me. One that doesn’t front. One that will ask the right question to get me to think before I react. One that is just good to me…¬† I don’t think I found my symbolic “Michelle Obama” yet. She’s out there for sure and I’m willing to wait for her, but till then I got to move and build my BRAND dolo…

Step #9 Determination! Keep doing me! Give & Take!

There’s no stopping someone who’s determined. The key to determination is to believe you can do anything, stay POSITIVE and to not hate people, but appreciate everyone. Keep Doing me…. Never look back and definitely live with regrets, make those regrets a fuel for you so you don’t experience them again. When you don’t regret a bad experience in your life it’s a catalyst for you to go right back into that same bad shit.¬† Live for the now because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Give and take is a key in BRANDING yourself, the BRAND takes from the user experience you’re giving people and my goal is to make it a HELL OF AN EXPERIENCE FOR ALL OF YOU!


Step back look in the mirror and say, “are you ready for this?”

If the answer is¬† a quick and determined YES! Then you’re ready to build a BRAND NAME of yourself. If you’re reading this right now and fuck with it, I’m doing something right in working the H BRAND. Now go and do you! I’m feeling like I’m like 24hour from greatness… I’m that close! ūüėČ

H Diddy Blogger… Out

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“Always been a clumsy nigga, don’t let me spill/ Muh’fuckers wanna wet me still, I remain y’all/ more than one, like five divided by four/ Shit, this just the hate that’s been provided by y’all/ Reciprocated and multiplied by more/ You likely to see Jigga in a widebody or drop-top Bentley Azure, holla at me y’all Uh… What’s my motherfuckin name?” Jay-Z

D/L: Jay-Z – Jigga My Nigga

LISTEN: Jay-Z – Jigga My Nigga

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Have you ever felt like you’ve wasted a bunch of time in your life to the point where you look in the mirror and say,

“DAAM… What the fuck am I doing?”

I had a moment like that last night, where I looked at my life in retrospective and was like, “what the fuck am I doing???”


I don’t doubt the fact that greatness flows through my veins (Look at Grand Daddy & My own Father & Mother)… I come from a line of successful people that have in some way, shape or form changed lives.

My failing is that I’m too AMBITIOUS… My goal in life was to bypass the bullshit and go straight¬†the top.


My AMBITIONS in life basically turned out to be the bullshit holding me back.

So since we got a black man running the U.S. now, I’ve become sort of¬†an¬†advocate for change¬†and I¬†decided to move¬† past¬†THE AMBITIOUS¬†BULLSHIT and look towards a NEW DAY!


Which brings me to this…

I was chatting with LL (Lois Lame) last night and we made a bet. She’s arguably a binge drinking lush about 3-4 days a week and recently noticed her liver may fall out of her torso sooner than later so she decided¬†to stop drinking!

So LL is usually a woman of her word (well not when it comes to drinking) so I decided to take her on and said I’d ride it out with her and bet her I’d last longer without a drink than she could.

I’ve been through my phase of alcoholism about 5-6 months ago… I was trippin’ and drinking was a release from the shit going on in my personal life and made me do some things I can’t regret now, but thinking back… It was shit that needed to be done to clear out my clouded head.


And since then I’ve learned moderation and now I can go days without a sip of Ciroc Obama¬†or Goose or my baby… The LONG ISLAND ICE TEA… Oh and let’s not forget the YAGER BOMBS!!!! YAGER BOMBS!!! ( Don’t drink this shit… I just like to say it) ūüėČ

Any hoots, since I’m drying out for the holiday, I’ve come up with some ideas to fill my nights out with my friends that don’t involve the DEVILS NECTAR!



Everyone¬†loves a sharp dressed dude¬† and since Ali came out the other night basically dressed like me (glasses & V-Neck sweater), I figure I got to go shopping… Maybe I might dress like him now and wear some Ambercrombie Moose button-ups everywhere…. or maybe not :-/

Any hoots clothes have been something I’ve been on for awhile now and I love stepping up my fashion game lately. So some shopping and some new gear always gets my mind off the lix!



Music, video and we’ve recently discovered iPorn (pornhub.com)…¬†This is a site most of you dudes and chicks may have frequented on your PC (STOP FRONTING!!!), but¬†I stumbled upon¬†the mobile version¬†¬†because of Shaun (Thank you sir! You have changed my life again…).

Now I think the iPhone is hands down the best all around device out for the casual gadget head (fuck the Blackberry Storm and it’s lame ass touch screen and negative user friendliness) Now I’m kinda limited in the way I can do my email and writing on an iPhone, but I’m content cause we got mobile¬†adult entertainment¬†now!




For the past week or so I’ve been being harassed by a timeshare rep who got my number from a sign-up form my sister did at JiffyLube (Thanks Karen! You’re an awesome sister!)

So this bitch calls me like 20X a day and I’m like geez get off my nuts. So the other night I was in the whip put her on Bluetooth and Shaun and I decided to have some fun with her on the speakerphone.

Long story short… I think a few more conversations from now and she’ll go on the free trip with me or have phone sex with me…. Not sure yet, but she should be hitting me up later on today, so I’ll give ya’ll an update soon! ūüėČ



New face and new friend in my life. Taught me that POSITIVE THINKING makes you more content with your existence… So I tried it and gosh darn it! It worked! Now I’m like HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! ūüôā


I’m all smiles, shits-&-giggles and cloud 9’s!

I’ve never been so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY in my life!

I want to hang myself and see if I can hold my smile while the blood stops flowing to my brain!


But seriously, shortie is inspiring and I’ve only met her once. So she gets props for showing me something new (which I’ve clearly adapted into my own way into my life).



I go in 5 days a week. 5 days I could be DRANKIN’! So That’ll hold me down and I’m so close to being like 50 Cent (yeah 30-40 pounds closer),¬† but… I just need to opt for one elective cosmetic surgery… A little nip/tuck never hurts ūüėČ



Writing got me through the toughest time in my life emotionally and is getting me though this time of transition in my life now. I put it down on paper and it puts it all in perspective! Thank you LORD for giving me a mind that works and thinks RIGHT so I don’t get LEFT behind.



2 babies on the way, a Crown Victoria, that he claims rides like you’re floating on a cloud (sure…) and the best rapper alive!

I’m sorry he’s not signed yet, but neither was Jay-Z at this point in his career, so I’m not worried. Greatness is sometimes overlooked because of the politics in the game.

We do what we do now to make sure it’s not lost. So F… I got you!

Ain’t a LONG ISLAND ICE TEA¬† or¬† CHICK out there that will make me forget that you’re # 1. (NO HOMO)



I’ve realized even if you hate me, you love me. Showing emotion towards me just proves it.

– Pop shots at me

– Piss in my car

-Break my heart  & spread lies about me


I’m so content with it and love it because I love ya’ll so much…¬†¬†Love you more than having a drink!

And the fact of the matter is that I can show my emotion towards ya’ll openly and don’t care what you do or say to me. Ya’ll have done the worst to me already.

I need ya’ll in my life to show balance because I ain’t ever going back!

#9 KOFI!


My nigga! My blacker older brother. The only nigga I know better than I know myself and he hates me for it! ūüėČ




I’m so in love with you, but I enjoy letting you go more than anything.

You’ve been my favorite bitch to abuse and you still love me¬†even though¬†I share you with all my friends.

I never make it RAIN with you,  but you REIGN supreme when it comes down to it.

My nigga drake said best,

I miss cake these days.
I can’t even afford a mistake these days.
All of my favorite girls miss Drake H these days.
Please don’t take offense to my ways.

Cause I need drug money
Who got drug money
I am talkin “white phantom sittin on dub” money.
I am talkin “cold champaigne at tha club” money.
And no I ain’t emotional but baby I love money.

WOW! I LOVE YOU MONEY… now you know why they call me “H-Dollar” cause I’m married to that bitch and I took one of her last names willingly!



Shit… She can’t drink¬†so¬†I guess that’s my inspiration to do this for her. I don’t think she’ll win our bet though because I can go weeks without a drink and she’s so surrounded by the peers of pressure that she doesn’t stand a chance, but I actually have faith in her¬†to go a distance with¬†this¬†because I’m going through it with her, which will be fun for me.

Might be hell for her though…

And even if I lose (which i highly doubt)¬†I know I’ve at least helped change one more person for the better and overall I’ll feel like I’ve won!

So I guess I do feel a lot better about myself because if this works out, at least I braught about change in someone’s life that I actually care about.

Next I might start helping homeless people… Maybe…

H Diddy Blogger… OUT


LISTEN: ===> Nickelus F ft. Ivory – New Day (Produced by Lab Ox)

D/L: ===> Nickelus F ft. Ivory – New Day (Produced by Lab Ox)

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Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been busy living the life… And I only started blogging so people can get familiar with my writing before my book drops! Yeah stupid! H Diddy Blogger is writing a book, gonna change my name to H Diddy Published Author or some shit like that¬†soon enough ūüôā hahahha!

Oh yeah and before I go in here’s a little disclaimer. I pulled something from my book that has to do with “addiction” and added it in here because it fits right in pocket with where I wanted to go with this blog. So don’t take offense because it ain’t about you, but¬†it is about “you!” (If you catch my drift)




When people classically define “ADDICTION” it goes something like this…

addiction (plural addictions)

  1. The state of being addicted; devotion; inclination.
  2. A habit or practice that damages, jeopardizes or shortens one’s life but when ceased causes trauma.
  3. A pathological relationship to mood altering experience that has life damaging consequences.
His addiction was to courses vain. Shakespeare.

What it means to me? Well…

To most of you who know me by now. I’m a bit of an excentic type. I think outside the box and I pretty much care too much, but will be the first to say, “I don’t give a fuck!” Kinda sorta like a walking contradiction/paradox type of guy if you think about it, but it seems to work cause I ain’t got no problems with people and the girls love me like Seth Cohen. ūüėČ

So… I’ve done and seen more things in my 25+ years on this planet then most people will do in a life time and it’s only just begun and there’s so much to see and do still.

And that leads me into my “ADDICTION.” H… Yes me,¬†is an addict. To what You ask???¬†

The Life…

Yeah, so follow me so you can understand where I’m going with this… I’ve almost had my life taken more times then I can remember. From almost dying when my mother gave birth to me, to more recently almost being a victim of a shooting.

All things you’d think a kid who grew up in the suburbs would avoid, but like¬†they always say, “shit can happen to anyone.”

But… When I talk about “The Life,” I mean “Lifestyle.”

See from day one I was groomed to feel special and carry myself¬†like I would never need/want for anything. I got everything I asked for and never questioned why or how it came to me. My family pretty much spoiled me. Toys, food, money and as I got older, cars, homes and more money. I¬†was addicted to that way of life…¬†¬†

Now don’t get it twisted, I did¬†have a 9 to 5¬†(for a year)¬†and eventually made myself into a moderately successful business man in the span of 3 years or so, but it wasn’t enough to sustain a lifestyle that I was accustom to and wanted for myself…

Bottom line I needed my old lifestyle back to be happy…

I can’t really blame anyone, but myself for my addiction. I took it and ran with it and figured there’s always going to be¬†a pile of money¬†fall back on so I can keep doing me and¬†not worry.

Well I finally came to a realization that there is more to life than just doing what I want to do… I had to MAN UP!

The Life,” like with any drug,¬†is something I¬†became dependent on to the point where¬†I would¬†run back and fiend for a fix. Money was like that to me and when the powers that be cut my supply to minuscule figures, I had to rethink where I was going¬†and what I was doing.

I know my family had planned on me to become something through education and opportunity, but my family neglected to instill a work ethic in me.

The result… I breezed through school. Tried working (not my bag at all…) I started and excelled in the business I started, but fell in and out of focus over time because when profits were slim and directions had to change I couldn’t adapt as well as I thought I could and then my ADDICTION took over.

I never realized that there was a whole world I was missing because of the choices I made do to my addiction. I “settled” for the least in everything I did to maintain a lifestyle of what I look at now as total mediocrity.


I was getting fatter (I lost most of it now ūüėČ ahaha)… I lost the motivation to move in the business I wanted to grow in… And most of all I was in a misguided relationship that more than anything nurtured my addiction.

Part of any addiction is finding something about it that makes you feel good to make you look past the physical and mental damage you’re doing to yourself.

Now being that I changed my outlook in general on relationships and women like 4 years ago, I was content in what I had chosen as a path and I thought it¬†was right for me. No more games and I’m gonna roll with this and see how it is like being a “one woman man.”¬†

Shit… I’ll be damned if it was nothing, but the addiction making me think unclear.¬†I held on to something that¬†was to me the realest thing I¬†ever felt emotionally, but mentally straining… Deep down I knew I was settling for less,¬†but I was so strung out on “The¬†Life”¬†and I didn’t feel like doing more and¬†to pull away from that person and seeing them hurt, hurt me even more at the time. I was in bad shape… I think Kanye calls it being on¬†¬†“Love Lockdown,” but looking back on it, it was actually drugs

Like for¬†real where I took myself after I parted ways with that¬†drug made me really gain back my dignity and gave me a wealth of pride that has made me pretty confident in my swagger…

I know now, I’m too FLY & too FRESH for¬†the chick I was with before, and¬†I’d rather be with¬†someone who has confidence,¬†at least some self esteem and someone who doesn’t depend on¬†a man to save them.¬†And me being¬†someone else’s addiction was dangerous ground and seeing them fiend for me showed me yeah, 1) I can love someone, but 2) I love myself more, so I tried and had to go and get over it…

Bottom line, everyone on my side who said it was wrong was right and on the¬†flipside I was everything right for that person and at the same time I¬†wasn’t because…¬†That’s something I’ll cover in the book (Focus On Women & You Get Less Done…Spring 2009, read some excerpts from the book @ https://hdiddydollar.wordpress.com/2008/09/05/focus-on-women-you-get-less-done-a-preview-of-my-book/). I don’t want to get too far off topic right now…

Soooooooooooooooooooo Today…

I’m going through changes physically, mentally and finally¬†motivating myself to do things on my own financially. Which means, yes… Working for other people, which I don’t actually mind now because I’m in a sound work environment and I get to go out of the house daily. ūüôā Something all you rich brat ass niggas should try because it actually feels good to earn your keep and ballin’ is so much easier when you know that the¬†funds ain’t in some secured trust or some shit…

To be frank, I should have done this over 2 years ago. It ain’t that hard and it’s kinda fun to set new personal goals that lead me towards real rewards. (YES I SOUND SO 13 STEPS AND/OR REHAB PATIENT, BUT IT’S REAL TALK).

As for the “The Life…” Yeah I’m still addicted to it, but now there’s¬†a lot more to live for because the worthwhile changes have brought NEW¬†people to me and a NEW¬†life that has made it better for me¬†and I’m thankful for that.

My bond with my old friends and family¬†that supported me through my “detox” of my old ways grew stronger, while I grew to appreciate the new friends that now make my days and nights better. ūüôā

ADDICTION…It’s terrible and I’ve tried to pop pills, smoke weed, alcohol and most recently cigarettes, but nothing is as addictive as “The Life.” I don’t need that other crap, I¬†just want to be happy and see people around me happy. That’s what I’ve always been good at, ‘bringing people up,’ but when “The Life” tries to bring you down then you know you’re fucking with the wrong drugs.

So now it’s nothing, but healthy/clean living and being addicted to being able to live another day and enjoy “The Life” I’ve been missing for a good part of the last 3 years… If I can do that and make myself a better person in the process, I’m going to OVERDOSE ON LIFE till I DIE from it….

“I’m a legend with a legacy that can’t help but survive. Even when I fuckin’ DIE they gonna bury me ALIVE…” -Drake

…Mood Music…

LISTEN:===> Drake, Mickey Factz & Travis Of Gym Class Heroes – Overdose On Life

D/L: ===> Drake, Mickey Factz & Travis Of Gym Class Heroes – Overdose On Life

– H Diddy Blogger… Out.

PS: Don’t do drugs kids, I¬†was using the drug references as a methaphor and I’m sorry for being so raw in my writing… I’m not here to offend, I’m hear to vent, teach and most of all speak my mind and shed some truth in a world of lies… We’re all addicted to something and it takes a lot out of me to admit I actually fucked up for once… Peace.

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Before I go in I have to pretty much say thanks for all the love and recognition through facebook, myspace and of course the regular web. Been blogging for a little over a month now¬†and it’s actually been a great place for me to vent, to share thoughts and feelings… So like all bloggers say, “LEAVE¬† COMMENTS!” There’s a little link at the bottom to do it! ūüôā

I wrote this NEEDY CHICKS blog because… Shit, I can and it’s something my niggas & I talk about all the time, so I couldn’t hold back… I had to spill!


About 6-7 years ago Destiny’s Child came out with a song called “Independent Woman” and¬†HBO hit us in the head with¬†Sex & the City…¬†Women across the globe were on it and saying, “F a man! I can do it myself and be happy, single and FREE!”

It kinda¬†capped off the whole “Women’s Liberation” movement that started in the 60’s & 70’s and continued on till the 90’s when chicks started becoming CEO’s and getting¬†money like a man would.

BUT… Like that song fell off the Billboard charts and Sex & The City got cancelled; The movement stopped moving too…¬† And a few years later you have Destiny’s Child coming back singing a song called “Cater To You” all about rubbing a man’s feet and doing up his doo rags and Carry Bradshaw melting down when Mr. Big¬†leaves her at the alter (TOTAL NEEDY CHICK MOMENT)¬†in the Sex & The City Movie in 2008 (Thanks for fact checking KJ).

Now this bringing me back to this notion of “INDEPENDENCE” that seems to be none existence now…

Why are women going back to the role of the lowly housewife? Is Desperate Housewives the blueprint for modern chicks?

Did the G.W. Bush Era fuck up women’s money and they have to rely on men again?

Or are women just realizing that¬†this is the way it’s suppose to be because¬†our “primitive human nature” gets the best of us at the end of the day?

Who actually knows…

I do know (now)¬†that through my experience with NEEDY CHICKS that I never realized the most INDEPENDENT WOMEN I was with I played out. Or did they play me or worse, did I play myself by not seeing their potential? Prolly a little of all that… :-/ You really don’t see it till you compare each situation, fellas…

Now here’s the main reasons NEEDY CHICKS are¬†the way they are:¬†

1. Low self-esteem… A chick with low self-esteem is your classic NEEDY CHICK. No swag, no heart and no clue. Easy to take advantage of and most of the time they get left out in the cold…

2. Sex addicts or virgins… Girls who want dick usually don’t get done right and girls who are saving it for one dick usually don’t get “done right” at all… LITERALLY

3. Attention… We all see the “drama queen” that says anything to get a reaction from her man…

3. Money… No need to explain, but I will… When a chick gets comfortable (with you trickin’ on her) and you say, “Baby… we should get married soon…” PAUSE! Next thing you know shorty put her 2 weeks notice in at work and she ain’t keeping herself as fly as she used too anymore and you still courting and paying for her shit and ya’ll ain’t even married yet… ¬†DAAM that¬†NEEDY CHICK¬†got¬†you doggy…¬†¬†

4. Clinginess aka “Hyper-Companionship”… Enough said!

All things a NEEDY CHICK craves and wants and will (in most cases) settle with anyone who is willing give it to them.

What I’ve realized is that women in general are all in need of something, do to the “double standard.”¬† Society instills this in their head from birth; that women are to raise a family and settle (preferably) with someone from a particular social ($$$)¬†and cultural background (you know, stick with your own kind) and men can do as they please.

Also, most of these NEEDY CHICKS are¬†too weak to make up their own minds, so they always seek advice from their¬†“men” rather than deal with issues head on, they turn to the person that is manipulating the situation the most…¬†Which is not¬†a good look because if you let the wrong man lead you, you’ll more than likely fall and if that man wants to lead himself over to another, then NEEDY CHICKS go COO COO BANANAS… (I’ve been there…)¬†

So yeah… NEEDY CHICKS… They’re everywhere.

Those miserable looking women you see carting around 3 ugly kids in the market…¬†They are NEEDY CHICKS.

The women who leave their careers, friends and life on the strength that they “might” get married one day to that dude they’re with… NEEDY CHICKS

The women who give their¬†men hell when those men have done everything for them… NEEDY CHICKS

The women who disregard their own self respect to become little more then someone who sucks you off to sleep and cooks you food… NEEDY CHICKS

I can go on , but you get it (I hope)…

It’s kinda sad to see women who are like this nowadays because the potential in them so far exceeds what they trade it all for and most of the time it’s a game of manipulation.

NEEDY CHICKS¬†tend to see the “narrow bigger picture.” Meaning… They settle for the least to get what they NEED the most, which is… Well¬†I don’t know, every NEEDY CHICK is different…

I do know, I don’t want a chick like that… NEVER EVER AGAIN

So to all the ladies reading this right now, keep in mind I might be talking about you or this might be comedy. Either way I hope the message rings clear… NEEDY CHICKS ARE LAME!!!

And if you do take something from this (like offense to it), maybe there is a problem there and you need to check yourself…

BUT! There’s always an exception to the rules and that’s LOVE… That shit might throw you off FELLAS, but that’s a whole other blog… LOVE is dangerous with a NEEDY CHICK because when you want out, they make it hard… Ya’ll seen the movies…

Then again there’s always the “ONE” shining example of a “GOOD WOMAN.”

***Miss Independent***

The chick that has it all, but is not ashamed to get it on her own. She sees the ring and cops it. That new Range with the ski rack, she’s in it and pays for it herself. House on the hill and vacations, she pays the mortgage and for first class seats!¬†She doesn’t take herself too seriously, she’s fun and most of all FUNNY.¬†I can’t forget about attractive, attentive and with a bit¬†of attitude… SHE’S AWESOME! ¬†

I like to call this woman¬†LL (Don’t ask me why, just feel me on this). She’s a special person and that’s the type of chick I want…

So it’s fine to be NEEDY if that’s your thing, but for real, it’s 2008 and if you can’t see that there’s more to being happy than NEEDING SOMEONE/SOMETHING, then there’s no real hope for you…. NEEDY CHICK

SONG OF THE DAY ===> Ne-Yo ft. Fabolous & Jamie Foxx – She Got Her Own (Miss Independent Remix)

– H Diddy Blogger… Out.

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If you haven’t noticed I’ve been suffering from writers block lately ===> Hence all the music and Cam’Ron blogging (NO HOMO).

But last night I got a spark of inspiration from my friend KJ… Now KJ and I have been friends since like late 2003 and have held each other in the highest regards since… Now last night she called me… YES ME! MOTHERFUCKING SUPERFICIAL???

Now I didn’t refute or argue with her about it like I usually would, instead I asked¬†someone¬†who’s known me a lot longer if she thought I was SUPERFICIAL…

I holla’d at TERESA… She’s always One Hundred with me and even though I know she’s a little ticked about the Blackberry situation, but she’s always at least honest with me.

So Ace (Teresa) says, “sorry to hear… but no I don’t think so…”

Those are her exact words and it got me thinking…


1st: I like NICE THINGS, Nice cars, Nice women, Nice food, Nice drink, Nice shoes, Nice clothes…. Well you get the picture…

2nd: I listen to a lot of HIP HOP MUSIC and that influences me a lot… The list of people I respect/look up to¬†the most goes something like this:

1. My Mommy, Daddy & Sister (What do you expect they raised me, STUPID!)

2. 50 Cent (Aggressive, smart and not scared to speak his mind… So me!)

3.¬†Dame Dash¬†(He always made it look so easy…¬† And he’s married to one of the BADDEST CHICKS around!)

4. Jay-Z (Class Act)

5. Nick & Drizzy (Got to look up to the future)

3rd: And how can I be SUPERFICIAL? I spent almost 5 years of my life building up other people’s lives! All I got in return¬†was my heart broken, a rack of bills, SHOT at and even more niggas asking me for shit cause “H can get it done…

Well, since I’m so fucking SUPERFICIAL! FUCK YA’LL! I am¬†done!

I always did¬†what I do because I wanted to do it…

When the BITCH MONSTER pissed in my car, sure I could have cleaned it up, but I wanted a new one so I got it!

When I feel like going off to NYC for a couple of months to get away from this shit… I do it!

When I say ok, I’m bored with sitting on my ass doing shit with music and want to explore what else is out there… I do it!

And I guess that’s the difference between me and most other people, “I do what I want and you do what you can...”

Now not to long ago I was backsliding into the “do what I can” category. Which was something I accepted because I took it on myself to¬†“do what I could” for¬†one person… And they “did what they wanted” with me… They ultimate role reversal and I got shitted on and left for a lot less in the long run…

But I think about it and see I got a lot more out of it because for real… I’m too fly¬† for that shit and didn’t see past the bigger picture for me because I was not being SUPERFICIAL…

So now I’m thinking being SUPERFICIAL has some benefits then???

We’re all a bit SUPERFICIAL if you think about it…

What woman doesn’t want to marry a “good provider?”


Who isn’t attracted to someone by looks before personality?

McDonald’s or The Ivy?

Kia or Mercedes???

COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE! You see where I’m going with this?

I grew up in a household that listened to Run DMC and Too Short! They told me I had to have the FLYEST GEAR, CHICKS, HOUSES¬†AND CARS… So excuse me if I’m a product of my environment!

And further more… Get off my DICK about what I do, how¬†I live and¬†focus on yourself!¬†Because from the¬†looks of it, the recession ain’t been treatin’ some of ya’ll too good. You’re a little light (or in some cases round)¬†about the waist-band and look like you need some work on ya’ll grills!

So by now I’m thinking some of you are like, “daam¬†H is ARROGANT and SUPERFICIAL…”

Well maybe I am, but it feels daam good to have CONFIDENCE and¬†know that I’ve made a difference in more than one life besides my¬†own… Shit I got receipts to prove it ūüôā

Oh…There I go being SUPERFICIAL again… ūüė¶

P.S. I’m not going to change because my family and friends who really know me and have excepted me, know that I’m not a saint, but I still “do what I can” when doing “what I want” isn’t the best look and KJ knows that too. ūüėČ

FYI: I’m not SUPERficial I’m SUPER-OFFICIAL! Much LOVE to all ya’ll!


Punishing the Prideful: Punishment in Hell for the Deadly Sin of Pride is to be Broken on the Wheel


– H Diddy Blogger… OUT


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Now most of you that know me, pretty much know I haven’t had a “real job” in almost 5 years until this past May (2008).

Uuuummmm and working for people has never been my cup of tea and¬†I detested the regimental “9 to 5” life some people have and are content with.

I was and arguably am a free spirit at heart, but from January to Spring 2008 I¬†had a¬†tough time coping with shit going on in my life… I let my emotions take over and was basically thinking with my heart not my brain.

THAT WAS THE LOWEST POINT OF MY LIFE. Ask Alireza, he mocked me everyday he could though that phase…¬† ūüė¶


I took a good look in the mirror and decided that I’ma prove my doubters wrong and get me a job out of SPITE! Not cause I need money or want to get on with my life in that way, but out of good old SPITE!

So I did and got a daam good paying job, where I pretty much do nothing but sit at a desk all day and tug at my nuts…

Now my mom and pop are excited to def and so is my sister (notice me crying ūüė¶ in the picture). Finally H Diddy Blogger is earning his keep and not living off the family’s vast feedbag, on his way to being a bum… And the market sucks right now, so I got to watch what I got so I can have it later…

To be honest I had more money messing with my own businesses and doing nothing than I did with any job, but oh well, I needed a switch, before I might go postal

So I¬†get into this working thing and I’ve been working now for about 5 months and today¬†I quit

Why? Cause someone called me and offered me MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO MONEY!!!  

And I didn’t even think I would last this long in the work force because I don’t like to take orders… I’ve been a leader and organizer since my Aunt Una told I was the ONE!

But, for some of reason companies are getting at me still and one got back at me with a better offer than they had before…

It was actually sort of a fluke, but I went on the interview and charmed my way to a senior position in USA Today on their dot com side working with their advertising and web content department.

So yeah, going back into the work force was easy cause, “momma ain’t raise no fool. Put me anywhere on God’s green Earth and I’ll triple my worth, motherfucker!”

Real talk… I’m caking it and I haven’t even put on a tie yet. I figure by Spring ’09 I’ll be in a good $250k salary range, but I’m not gonna watch life pass me by.

I’m ghosting as soon as we get F in a¬†good space… ¬†

I still got my DREAMS and AMBITIONS… Which¬†were¬†hindered greatly by HATERS, but not anymore… I’m only seeing shit for what it is. I know where I’m from and where I’m at and I definitely know where I’m going.

Do you? If you don’t, I think you should look in the mirror and think it over, like I did because if I didn’t I’d be in a very, very, very bad space right now.

-H Diddy Blogger Out…

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