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Nick be coming out of nowhere sometimes with anthems like this… And this song is how I be feelin’ sometimes :-).

“I keep my got my back against the wall, so y’all won’t see me; you haters can not creep me (No-oooh)/ I got my, got my, got my, back against the wall; face in the wind I grit my teeth & go in” -Nickelus F

D/L:  ===> Nickelus F – Back Against The Wall (Produced by Stupid Genius)


D/L:  ===> New Music Placements Get Heard, Get Paid Mixtape



Online talent agency Musicplacements.com and DJ FURIOUS STYLES team up and release the first of a series of International Talent Showcase projects, intended to bridge the gap many talent agencies and music labels have in finding new talent. Musicians representing seven countries: United States, France, England, Finland, Slovenia, Venezuela, Sweden, contributed to create a truly global music compilation.  Using the Internet a way to discover new talent, Music Placements has been successful in attracting over 2,902 producers, 395 songwriters from over 40 countries and amassing a catalog of 26,000 tracks available for license…

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