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In preparation for their The OtherSide EP The Ninas made a promotional video for it. I personally can’t wait for this to drop. It’s suppose to drop August 3rd, but I’ll probably have it a couple of weeks before. 😉


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Undeniably one of the best songs I’ve ever heard… It comes from Queens too. 😉 Got to love it! Let’s get back to some real H Diddy Dollar hardcore bloggering.


Download: The Beatnuts – Do You Believe

Ay, you believe in God? (you do), tell him to save you. Cause me & these niggaz here, we aint tryin’ to save you. Regardless of the fact that it’s close to home. I gotta finish your life , so I can start my own. -The Beatnuts

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Hi, my name is Hugh and I haven’t written much lately because I’ve been helping put out classic/timeless music with Nickelus F (Season Premiere), I’ve been busy with my family and its new addition Baby Taylor AKA Super Baby Niece 🙂 & of course staring at this picture of Scarlett Johannson kissing Sandra Bullock all day ==> (click here)… So yeah basically my time has been spent doing a lot of things outside the realm of “writing.”

I’d like to make this my formal introduction back into the writing world because I miss it!

I’m going to start off light and talk about music in this one to ease the transition over into hardcore writer(ing) about “Damaged People” (via Bhumi) or “Hugh V. H Diddy Dollar” (via Alex). Yep! I’m back!


Summer Jams…

I’ve got to throw in my two cents about some summer music classics for y’all. It’s no surprise I hoard music like Rick Ross hoards Maybachs, but I actually listen to a lot of stuff and every summer has songs that I throw in rotation that just bring me to another place… You know those records that remind you of your childhood or bring you back to a moment in your life where things were just SWEET! As you my well know, everyday for me is candy coated, but there were standout moments that certain music made better and always take me away to a time when life was LIFE!  I’m taking this opportunity to share some of those moments now. 🙂


Beyonce ft. Ghostface Killah – Summertime (Remix)

This song just makes me smile. It was summer 2003 and it was my first summer where I was officially on my own. Life was good. Kenny & I had the bachelor pad on the island (Long Island) where the AC unit was busted till August… 😦 Money was straight and I was getting my feet wet in the music industry. I used to rock with this song on those long train rides into the city to check out Nu at the Universal building and just build. This song is just representative of what being at ease with life was like and doesn’t really take me to any one place in particular except “at ease” #CLASSIC!

“It was the summertime (when we fell in love)/ It was the summertime (when heaven shined on us)/ It was the summertime (baby there is nothing like the)/ Summertime, summertime…”

Nina Sky – Beautiful People

This song doesn’t mean as much to me as the person who sent it to me. It’s no secret I’m probably the only straight dude in the universe that likes Nina Sky’s whole catalog of music. I just think they’re voices are sooooo sweet, but yeah… July 2009 I got caught off guard and missed this one while I was juggling my 9to5, the blogs & Nick’s career. And my Muse sent it to me (she share’s a similar love for the Ninas that I do). I didn’t really peep the record till that weekend when the girls from Philly were down in DC for the 4th. Whooo-Lee Hoop & Niloo fell head over heals for the record and I was like, “wow my friends are actually fucking with a Nina Sky song?!?!” Whatever the case a few days later I hit up the Muse on some friendly shit and apparently I’d been cut off. I guess her life got to real and my feels too deep, but this song always brings me back to a place that was sort of a dream for me. To actually have someone who’s so much like me, but not like me at all in my life was refreshing. I can only think of the good when it comes to the Muse (even though we used to conflict a lot). I refuse to go backwards though. Life’s way too sweet to think about the negative shit and attitudes. I’m surrounded by too many ‘beautiful people’ to be worried about one and maybe not having that type of bond with someone now is a blessing because life took a drastic change after the Muse bounce. It’s all part of the cycle I guess.

“I’ma make it known the second I arrive/ For your sake, you better hope nobody catch my eye/ Cause since your living like you’re single/ I’ma do the same, I’ma do my thing, yeah…”

Swizz Beatz – That Oprah

Prosperity and cars are 2 of my favorite things in life. Superficial right? Not really… Because all that shit is jsut a bunch of  “things.” We should all want nice things in our lives. It only makes sense because if modest living is what we’d strive for this wouldn’t be America; it would be like North Korea or something… Any hoots, this song is synonymous with our summer of 2008. We were all doing well. Everyone’s stocks were up and banks accounts were looking pretty healthy. The recession was lingering, but we weren’t affected and the sun was out more than not that summer. It was a great time! BMW and Lexus, BBQ’s every other weekend (week days sometimes too) and a lust for life that was unmeasurable by the standards of  our peers. This song was the soundtrack to some wild night and is a shining example of how the word “flamboyant” should be used. No doubt about it, it’s a summertime classic!

“Red Enzo… A MILLION BUCK$!”

Nickelus F – Great Set Of Teeth (Monumentous)

What’s ill about working with Nick is to be able to bear witness to his greatness. To me he makes the art of Hip Hop music special and as a person who I’ve gotten to bond with, I feel like we’re family more than friends. This song impacted my life in Spring 2009, but hit the world Summer 2009 and it’s one of those songs that just keeps me in tune with the bigger picture. He talks about how he’s grown because of the new lives he now has to LIVE for. The lyrics just take me to a place that makes me feel like there’s more to life than what’s immediately in front of us… That if you set your mind on achieving a goal, don’t give up on it, no matter how long it takes you to get there. We’ve all been through a lot of ups and downs along this road to the top. We’ve seen friends pass us by and lesser talent succeed, but at the end of the day there’s something that we know will never die and that’s the art we’ve created. Whether it’s this song or something I write in my blog. The words we put down for all of you will live on as long as we keep pushing for them to… Get familiar with this and tell me what you can take from it because it made me really appreciate what life was about back then.

“I am proud to be the man that I am/No, I ain’t perfect, but I got a good heart and I recognize my purpose/ I deserve this/ The WordSmith from right up out the churches/ Let the world judge me and write about the verdict… You need that heartfelt/ I’ll come to your service/ So much more to me than what you see up on the surface/ A HEATHEN because I’m weak, but I desire to be more earnest…”

Ill Al Skratch – Summertime (It’s All Good)

1994… Yeah I’m type old with it, but this joint was hittin’! All I can say is from August to September that summer this was may jawn. Ill Al Skratch are still around somewhere and I hope they see this because this song made my summer, my life, my world a lot sweeter that year and I just recently discovered it again because it has long since been forgotten like the tape that it was on. Thank you to who ever pulled this one off the CD and put it on the internets for me to snatch up! Oh yeah and it’s properly titled to fit the mood 😉

“Madballs, 156 corner crew/ Where everyday life is shoot dice, drink brew/ When the sun shine it’s fine Uptown/ It only get better as the sun goes down/ I’m Al Skratch and I’m back with another rhyme/ In my hood it’s all good when it’s summertime…”

Mobb Deep ft. 50 Cent – If You Want It (Unreleased)

Before I had my iPhone I used to burn mad CDs of new music and rock with them in the V back in 2006. The 8-CD changer in the Audi was always full of new music for me to ride to on my many road trips from Merry-land to Pennsylvania. There was one CD that I particularly enjoyed that included this song and a few other songs from my Summer Jams collection. This one only stands out to me because (like beyonce) it just makes me happy whenever I hear it. It’s misogynistic (Like how I like all my music), but with a lightheartedness that kind of makes you forgive them for the content. My significant other at the time didn’t mind it so much either, which was cool too. Summer 2006 was full of good times, but sadly enough is a chapter in my life that only lives on through the music I enjoyed from the time. Other than that, it’s 2010 and I’m on!

“(If you want) You can kiss it girl. I won’t tell…”

So…  These songs were just the few that kind of stood out to me as I was coming up with shit to write. I really wasn’t planning on write more shit you probably wouldn’t care to read about this topic. But I will leave you with some words of wisdom my Muse told me about music that brings you to a place in time like these songs… “If you enjoy the music, but that time, that place or that person is gone. Just create a new experience and let those songs you love be the soundtrack to it.” She was a smart motherfucker for a crazy bitch, but I’m just as crazy too and I know what she means now because these songs mean so much more to me now than they did when I lived them…

Enjoy music people.


My Summer Jams:

Angie Martinez ft. Lil’ Mo & Sacario – If I Could Go
Beyonce ft. Ghostface Killah – Summertime (remix)
Ill Al Scratch –  Summertime (It’s All Good)
Janet Jackson – Doesnt Really Matter
Lil Lee ft. Nickelus F – Burglar Love (Produced by Ntelek)
Mobb Deep ft. 50 Cent – If You Want (UNRELEASED)
Nickelus F – Great Set Of Teeth (Monumentous)
Nina Sky – Beautiful People
Nina Sky ft. Rick Ross – Flippin That
Outkast – Morris Brown
Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Cappadonna – Ice Cream
Raphael Saadiq ft. T-Boz – Different Times
Swizz Beatz – That Oprah Freestyle
T.O.K. – Footprints
Tanto Metro Devonte – Teaser  (Scotch Bonnet Riddim)


Download: My Summer Jams

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I’m Ill!

This remix came out of nowhere and I’m so fuckin’ with it. The shit moves and R. Les killed the new hook! Oh yeah and they dug up Claudette Ortiz??? WHA????? Where’s she been hiding?

Anyways I’m back on my ish. Oh and I took down that “Deaf” blog cause I actually made contact… Which was so crazy because I wasn’t even trying to go there, but I guess it’s fate? But whatever… Either way, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m racist against Deaf peoples because I’m not. 😉

Aight… So after this weekend Nickelus F/J. Cole jawn and video shoot, I’ll have some “ILL” shit for you! I promise. 🙂

Peep the remix though. It’s crazy!


Download: Red Cafe ft. Ryan Leslie, Lloyd Banks & Claudette Ortiz – I’m Ill (Remix)

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Braid My Hair…

“Braid My Hair…” What a dope record.

I think my love for this record started when I made Ace (Teresa) drive from Philly to State College on a day trip with no sleep (I slept most of the ride though 🙂 Ace is such a great friend) and “Braid My Hair” was one of the songs on this mix CD I made for the trip… I wasn’t too keen on R&B at the time, but this song was sooo ill to me. It came on at random the other day and went right back into rotation… But For real it’s one of those songs that kinda relieves some of the stress I might feel on a day to day… I zone out on jawns like this.

I wish I had some hair right now so I can tell my girl to BRAID MY HAIR!  hahahah!

C’mon and braid my hair
Back in my hood, feelin good
No worries or no cares
Baby, use your hands to make me feel alright
And take away the stress and drama in my life
While you braid my hair…

You may think that I’m complainin’, but that’s not the case, all I’m sayin/ Is my body gets weak, my mind gets tired/ I need sleep, but i gotta keep travelin’ on the road/ Doin’ these shows, New York to Cali/ Dallas to Philly/ It’s the rules of the game, that i chose to play…

D/L: ===> Mario – Braid My Hair

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fela1I got put on to Fela by my boy Russel Coker in college. Russel was mixed like me (He’s Nigerien/White), but he was so hardcore African. He used to play Fela’s music all the time and it was invigorating stuff. Fela to me was a mix between James Brown, Bob Marley, Miles Davis & Busta Rhymes.

In his early years he was full of energy and infused music from the West (Jazz, Soul & even Rock) into his performance and the nigga danced his ass off!

His music to me is like pure energy… I have no clue what he’s saying when he sings in his native tongue, but listening him makes me feel free and there’s no feeling like that in this world. The truth is Fela was like most creative people at that time; against the machine that makes the world suck…

He said once in an interview…

“My name is  Anikulapo… I have death in my pouch. I can’t DIE. You can’t kill me…”

Word to God… That’s some bold shit to say from one man, but he meant it and eventually his brash statements and activist ways landed him in prison in 1984 on trumped up money laundering charges, but after 20 months in prison he was freed due to the efforts of various Human Rights groups in Nigeria.

Fela KutiSee… Fela was an advocate for Human Right, Freedom and Love… His music and legacy will live through his music and hopefully inspire people, like he’s inspired me…

I often contemplate my place in this world and what I was meant to do in life; lately I’ve been contemplating what more I can do in this life rather than try to figure out what it is I’m meant to do. Life is the longest thing we have and wasting time wonder and not going for what’s real is never gonna make shit any better for anyone. And giving in to the old way of thinking that made people like Fela fall victim to society’s shit isn’t going to help much either.

Fela changed the whole social make up of his homeland of Nigeria through music… This is what I want to do… This is why I’m here, to change something through doing what I love… How many people can say that they want/can change shit doing what they love nowadays?

H Diddy Blogger… OUT



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My man M.Rell… So raw sometimes with the shit… Ironically he has a point… Pimpin’ ain’t easy… 😉


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Too $hort – I’m A Player

LISTEN: ===> Too $hort – I’m A Player

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