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DISCLAIMER: Like I always say, I write to entertain, but my writing is also part of me. So take it for what it’s meant to be “ENTERTAINMENT” and “MY WORDS.” Oh and it is ART too. I ❤ the arts! Enjoy 😉

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” -Kurt Cobain

How raw of a quote is that?

I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not the best person in this world. Actually I’m probably close to the opposite of what we think is a “Good Person.” I’m not understanding. I’m far from compassionate. And most of all I’m hyper critical. All core values that would make me a good shock-jock on the radio, but leaves me at a distance from some of the people who count on me as a confidante/friend at times. I see it more and more as some people start to distance themselves from me, but why?

I’m actually a nice guy and relatively harmless, besides having a sharp tongue, but what sets me apart from the rest of the “animals” I flock with in society is my “moral” standing. I don’t believe in perpetrating lies while in pursuit of some false “greater good.” Why live a lie to save face or to not hurt someone’s feelings when at the end of the day the truth really can set you free?

I know a lot of people who live a lie or give into things they feel will end some type of “drama” in their lives, but really is that benefiting anyone?

See…  I look at society as three sets. 1) Those who are scared of what’s different. 2) Those who want to be different, but are scared of the people who are scared to be different and 3) The non-conformists.

I’m proud to be #3 because the differences in me is what makes me unique. I like to say this, “I don’t conform. I reform.” People don’t get that about me sometimes and it’s cool. I don’t expect you to understand me right away, but through my writing I hope you get an idea…

Which brings me to The Lies…

I told a friend this once… “Tell someone the truth and they don’t believe you, but if you lie to them… They adore…” It’s so true and sad. We like to be lied to. Someone who’s blunt and honest with you, usually isn’t atop your friends list on FaceBook or Myspace and in most cases you would harbor a deep resentment for someone who keep it “real” with you all the time. Which to me is wack.

The TRUTH hurts, LIES kill…

When you lie to someone, like “Daam Hugh, you look like you’ve lost weight…” Right… Shit like that makes it more comfortable for me to eat more and get fatter and you thought you were being nice. NURP! YOU’RE HELPING TO KILL ME!!!! THANK YOU!

But for real, it’s shit like that, that makes this world fucked up. Who is that benefiting? Bending the truth about someone’s faults doesn’t help them or you much. So I try to be objective and real with people. Someone like myself makes that guilty feeling in you rise up and makes you think. In some cases makes you cry (Yes… I’ve made people cry). The truth hurts and I bask in it. I’m so trill and it doesn’t bother me to be honest because lies only hurt you in the long run.

That’s part of the big reason people confide in me. I’m probably the worst person to confide in overall because to me a lot of the shit people think are “problems” are a joke, when there’s real fucked up shit in society we should be more concerned about. Relationships, he say/she say and pillow talk are not things that are earth shattering…

Don’t get it twisted, I reveal in emotion myself, but I’ve learned that my heart and my mind work separately and that’s what kind of sets me apart from a lot of people. I’m not compassionate to the human cause. It sounds fucked up, but that’s just the way it is. I’m not saying I don’t give to charity or help people. That’s my goal in life, to help people, but we’ve got to see past the signs for help and cut through the bullshit to see who truly needs that help. Basically dead the lies and be honest with yourselves is what I’m saying. Ask yourself, “is this life I lead the life I truly always wanted? Or do I want more or something different?” Is the weight of the world on me or am I selfish and feel my “issues” out weigh the bigger picture?

Strive for #CHANGE…

So what’s the truth about me:

– I’m an ego maniac…

– I’m obsessed with Nina Sky’s music, but not them in particular. They’re cool people I guess, but overall I’d rather listen to them sing than hang out with them…

– I’m emotional… SMH… (._.)

– I flip flop on bad habits in my life… Drinking/Smoking weed. I do them and then I don’t. Currently I don’t and I’m good.

– Women… I ❤ them. 🙂  I see myself settling down with one some day. 😉

– Friends… Love/Hate relationship with all of them, but oddly enough the ones that appreciate my knowledge stick around because I’m usually right about 99.9999%.

– Family… They adore me. Even though I’m the biggest asshole in the fam… I’ll never understand that shit.

–  I’m insecure about my weight… I lost a lot of weight and with that I shed some confidence. It’s suppose to be the opposite way around (I know), but the more I see myself taking on my brother from another mother’s form (Brad Pitt), I find myself less open, which is so weird… I used to be way more confident as the jolly fat man.

– God… I believe in him. He’s pretty awesome.

– Love… I love everything about this world, except Hipsters, Dane Cook & Lupe Fiasco…

– Being in Love… I can honestly say I was in love for a few months last year and the feeling was good even though it wasn’t meant to be. Before or after that, I don’t think I’ve ever really felt it “for real,” but knowing how that felt for real, for real finally… Shit… I think I like it and I’ll know when it’s real when ever it comes around again.

– Money… I got rich, went broke and I’m on my way to being rich again. On that same shit again and all I can do now is STUNT HARD!

–  I’m cocky… If all the bullets I wrote didn’t clue you into that by now, then you’re RETARDED.

– I’m passionate… I go hard… I don’t play by rules…

– I cry… Haven’t cried in a long ass time, but I can admit to having cried.

– Indian women… YEP! 🙂 White girls… Why not! 🙂 Hispanic girls… Sure! 🙂 Middle Eastern women… Depends on how much body hair & nose they have. 🙂  Slanty Eyed Asian/Black girls… meh. 😦

– I’m racist… Yeah….. But not towards religions, cultures and people, but the stereotypes that we put on them. I kind of call out people who live up to stereotypes society puts on them. WE’RE IN AMERICA PEOPLE!!!

– I’m very open with strangers, which makes me pretty strange I guess, but it also makes me honest too. I’d rather be real than _________ <=== you fill in the blank.

I can go on for days with this shit about “me,” but I hope you get it. In this world of a lot of hate, I’ve chosen to not hate anyone. I’ll talk my shit of course, but it doesn’t mean I don’t particular want you to coexist with me. It just means that I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. I make a stunning first impression on people. In that first 10mins of talking to me, you’ve pretty much decided where I fit in your life. From there, it’s really up to you if you appreciate it or think that you’re better off without me. Either way, I’m always gonna be good because at least you know I kept it real.

So… That’s me and if you’re reading this and decided you don’t like what you see… Look in the mirror and ask yourself if anyone has ever seen the real you and would they like what they see?


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Download: Nas ft. Puff Daddy = Hate Me Now

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Help Somebody…

I’m about 3 or 4 months away from officially not hating Nas anymore… If he doesn’t open his mouth and just raps I fuck with dude.

Anyways Maxwell & Nas got together for this remix for  “Help Somebody” from the BLACKsummers’night for Bono’s (RED)Wire Charity.

I definitely fuck with this one!

P.S. I’ve been posting a lot of music lately because I’m really diggin’ some of the new stuff that’s been coming out. I got some interesting shit to write about for you soon. I’ve got new inspiration 🙂

D/L: ===> Maxwell ft. Nas – Help Somebody (Remix)

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The FLushing Meadows Globe In Queens

The Flushing Meadows Globe In QUEENS

I’m a Queens nigga till the day I die… Doesn’t matter where I live. My heart is always going to be In Queens.

We created a movement that birthed some of the greatest Hip Hop artists ever and I was there for it. Thinking back to what shaped my young mind in the 90’s and what I like today is almost a 180 degree difference in style, but the music that made me who I am today still rings clear in my head.

Which brings me to Nas… I hate em. Why?

Only because he’s an idiot and made me lose a little bit of faith in Hip Hop with his double talk and stupid moves, but I can forgive and forget. After all, we’re from the same borough (QUEENS) and that’s LOVE…

One of the first Hip Hop songs I embraced and carried with me was his “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” and after Illmatic dropped Nas hit em with “One On One” (Street Fighter Soundtrack). Not many people know about this one because the soundtrack and movie flopped and “One On One” was never released as a proper single. All I can say about this song is that it gave me chills when I heard it because what he was spitting was so real and it’s undeniable to look past how real it was/is to this day. I can remember how sweet the piano loop on the track was and how hard the drums hit… The way he had those Mobb Deep niggas on the bridge talking that QB slang… How he just killed me with those words…

“In the Rotten Apple, take a bite taste the worm/ Embrace the world of reality we’re faced to learn…” -Nas

If you think about the realities we each face it really makes us no different as HUMANS. The homeless woman on the street that can’t afford lunch… The businessman who has an alcohol addiction… The young woman whose family is forcing her to take her life in a direction she hasn’t chosen for herself… All harsh realities so many of us pretend to be oblivious of and choose not to face. Cause see when you come from the worst part of town, you’re forced to embraced the harsh realities, but when you’re not from there, the harsh relates that those that are better off face are hidden under layers of lies and self loathing just to save face and that shit is hard to handle and a bitter pill to swallow in the long run.

“Niggas respect violence so I become it…” -Nas

Words to live by because isn’t it true? Our society and way of life is centered around violence. We’ve become so accustom to it that we now pretty much embrace it and don’t look away at the sight of blood and death… We’re desensitized to it now, so why not become it?

“Too wild for my own self, hopin help is near/ Street Fightin’ was cool but in school I brought a new tool/ Toolin with the devil, a rebel, a fool…” -Nas

Some of us get caught up in the shit that the world pushes on us to the point where one gives into the pressures that make us trade in our fists for a pistol… It’s what kids in the suburbs go through now and isn’t just isolated to the “ghetto” anymore. The world is truly a fucked up place if you think about it… There’s little the President’s annual State of the Union Addresses can do to protect yourself from shit, so tool up.

There’s so much more in this song that makes sense, but you can listen for yourself and make up your on mind on it.  So basically from this I just see things for what they truly are and can’t front and say that one day I do want to make a difference. Shit… I do believe I can make a difference in the world if I apply myself, but everyone (including myself) is scared to face a challenge 1 on 1 nowadays. I think that’s what Nas was getting at with this jawn… That people are just scared to stand up as individuals and fight for what’s real anymore…

I ask myself if I’m ready for it and to be honest… I don’t know.

– H Diddy Blogger… Out

“Just a one on one where we got to fight, yeah/ Imagine this no gun no knife/ Just a one on one, a one on one…”

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Listen/Download: ===> Nas – One On One

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Sometimes all you really want from someone is sincerity… Fuck the games… The run around… Just be real and sincere…

Me… I’m too sincere, which in some circles is a burden, but to me it’s what makes me who I am. I can’t fake or front or live some bullshit dream someone else has for me. I do me, I say what’s on my mind and I’m not scared to admit my faults.

Does this make me better than someone else?

Obviously not because it takes a special breed of individual to be this real and speak from the heart. I just pride myself on being this way because it’s really all I got that makes me unique… It’s a part of my HEART & SOUL. Those who know me for real appreciate it… Those who don’t get to know me, put me in a box and will never truly embrace what makes me who I am and probably will never know until they miss me.

That’s some cocky and brash shit of me to say, but that’s what it is and will always be.

Do you hate me for my words yet?

If you do… Oh well… I can only put you in the same box you put me in. And you know what that makes you?


So if I die today at least I’ll die knowing that I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO SINCERE in life and will carry on that legacy through eternity… After all, our impression on the world is only really felt after we’re dead and gone and that’s when you can say you’re part of HISTORY and HISTORY is something that will define and shape minds for ages…

I think I want to be down with that.


“I never knew how you could hide… Everytime you told a lie, but now I know why you’re so cold, but I don’t understand?/ Now that you set me free/ I truly think that we could find love seperately… I need sincerity-Mary J. Blige

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Mary J. Blige ft. DMX & Nas – Sincerity (Remix)

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hugh_vest_smallHad a great day yesterday… Got a big ad sale closed on the website, helping sponsor Fela Kuti play in NYC and I got to hang out with Ryan Leslie & watch him perform last night. Oh and I did something this morning that made me feel genuinely good because for once I went into a situation thinking of someone else and not myself. It’s kinda of humbling and has taught me that I sort of now have an unselfish heart… Which kinda makes me gag, but kinda makes me happy to know that I’m on my way down the path I think I’m set for. See… Life is full of wins and loses, but ultimately if you can face the challenges it puts forth then you will always be a winner, even when you lose one…  So I’m content in ultimately knowing now I just took a huge L and prolly will live with that regret about the way I acted for the rest of my life. BUT! I’m glad to be who I am anyway…

I’m different and wouldn’t change being me for anything in this world.

h_diddy_blogger_logoNow I feel inspired again and I’m gonna write a few new things while I have the time and they go like this:

1. A Scorpio’s Mind… – I’m surrounded by these niggas, Nu, Nick, Drake, Rell, K, and my twitter homie Cristal… Cristal sent me something interesting about Scorpios the other day that clued me into why I attract them and why they either LOVE or HATE me… I’m so going in.

2. It’s A Secret Society All We Ask Is Trust… – Free Masonry, The Illuminati & The End Of The Free World As We Know It… Christina got me kinda open on this whole “conspiracy” theory thing again.  I haven’t been too up on my Illuminati shit since I did a thesis paper on it in college. So after a couple of convos with C.E. About it… I’m so going in.

3. Glitches… – Amil Larrieux made a song with The Roots in 2002 that kinda makes me think about how some of us go through life just asking questions rather than just living life… That was me. I have no more questions… I’m so ready to just go in.

4. My Movie… – I wrote a book that I want to burn, wrote almost a years worth headaches & whoes in my blog (I’m so over it) and think my life would make a great romantic comedy now. 🙂 I know the way it is now I’m not gonna get the girl, but that’s relative to what girl it is I’m trying to get. So my 1st movie is going to be about my life… I’m writing it now and the ending to the screenplay is still a vision I can’t see yet because I’m not absolutely sure if there’s an end. All I know is that I’m ready to play the lead… I going to be do this Hollywood thing watch me. I’m going in for life…

DISCLAIMER TO LOIS LAME: FYI I wasn’t drinking last night Shaun was bent, I was chillin’… 😉 The bet is still on see you in November! 🙂


I’m on my way to the gym to get my workout on and then do some of my “LIFE’S WORK” when I get back. STAY CHISELED! New ANTHEM… Yeah I don’t like Nas, but this record is some real motivation and he’s from Queens, so he gets the pass for being from the same part of the planet as me. 🙂

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“Stay chisel like a box of wife-beater by a Fila/ Lou Ferrigno Arnold Schwarzenegger type steelo/ Stay chisel, check your paper nigga/ Bring the bar to your chess, then push it up harder than the rest/ Stay chisel, precisely cup, sharp the fuck/ You thought this was a game we came to charge you up/ So take it to the brain, laid peoples, know how throw them things/ Swift on them toes, knockout blow, so stay chiseled…”

D/L: ===> Nas – Stay Chiseled (NAS VERSION)

D/L: ===> Large Professor ft. Nas – Stay Chiseled (ALBUM VERSION)

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static_majorStatic Major… One of the most talented singer/song writers to ever do it in the modern age of Hip Hop/R&B.

He’s written some of the biggest hits for Aaliyah (“Are You That Somebody?”, “We Need A Resolution,” “Rock The Boat” & more), Ginuwine (“Pony”), Nas (“You Owe Me”), Lil Wayne (“Lollipop”)

Static Major was MAJOR and got his big break off Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” single last year and was prepping for his long awaited solo debut. With all this experience under his belt Static Major was on his way (finally), but his life was tragically cut short by in February of 2008 from complication from a botched medical procedure that caused a cerebral aneurysm that systematically killed him.

What’s sad about this is that just as his talent was becoming universally recognized his life was snatched away in such a terrible and most of all ironic/preventable way. Makes me think about my place in the music business. Will my claim to fame be “that guy who has helped Nickelus F & Drake get their careers started” or will I do something greater than that?

I say the latter of the 2 because I think bigger than the now and the future is so much more sweeter if what’s good and most of all realistic for you is what you strive for. If my ties to the world are cut short, I hope my writing, videos and impact on people is a legacy that will make live forever. I might never be listed in Wikipedia or get to have my shit all over TMZ or get to smash Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox, but I’ll be happy knowing that for the short time while I was here on earth I was instrumental in the forward progression of people that I can say I love.

From family to friends to people in the business it’s all in a days work and I got my…

– H Diddy Blogger… OUT

D/L: ===> Static Major ft. Lil Wayne – I Got My…

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I never judge people… Even though I poke fun or sometimes say some hurtful things, but today I learned a valuable lesson by missing out on history because of stubbornness and shear arrogance.

I never angled myself towards one or the other candidate in this election, nor have i ever voted… It’s a personal choice, but I would vote for myself or Steve Forbes if he ever ran again.

I see the world though the eyes of a Capitalist/Realest. No matter who runs this country our market will trend up & down and shape the global economy…  And I assure you we are moving towards a one world government in the next 50 years.

Tonight I just appreciate the inspiration Obama has instilled in me to do more for myself and never fall victim to DOUBTERS.

Yes they’re out there… And someone like myself who’s only victim to his own-self (in failure), has only been jaded by a DOUBTER once in his life and it broke my spirit & heart to see that person doubt me… 😦

But like my Grandfather & Father I took the bad and turned it into a positive!

Obama has brought me back to the light and inspired me to once again become the best I can be and not fall victim to “DOUBTERS

I’m always going to be in a good space no matter what I do… But now I feel I can do anything I want and be whatever i want to be because if a Black Man can become President of the United States, then there’s a vast amount of opportunity out there for all people who feel they can strive for more.  

Maybe I can become President one day too, but let me work on making a couple hundred million first 😉

And OH YES! Light Skinned Brothers are officially back in style…. THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA! 🙂

H Diddy Blogger… Out.

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

LISTEN: ===> Nas – Election Night

D/L: ===> Nas – Election NIght

LISTEN: ===> Young Jeezy ft. Nas – My President Is Black

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