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We all miss the bigger picture when it comes to what we truly do and don’t know about the universe around us. Even though I believe in God have faith in my religious views, there’s always going to be a lingering question of why and how God did it. I say this just because there’s no point to what we’re doing in our lifetimes, if it’s not all towards the same end goal for EVERYONE. And if that end goal doesn’t exist, are we all living in vein because of our nature as humans?

We (including me) just want the Universe (and on a more level term the World) to be for the purpose of our own needs and/or desires.

If you care to watch the video I posted below, you can see that my buddy Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a good point in saying, “To assert that the universe has a purpose, implies a desired outcome. But who would do the desiring? And what would that desired outcome be?

If you see things as they are and not for what you wish them to be, maybe the Universe… Maybe the World would be a better place to live just because we’ll all sort of be on the same page. (God willing)

To clarify ===> We all have a purpose in the here and now, but realistically we create our own purpose in our minds for when we expire (Heaven, Hell, Boats, Hoes, etc…) But truth be told, only God can really make the real end call for anyone of us. So no matter what we do, we’re pretty much here for whatever God already has planned for us. So do what you do, but do it with the understanding that, no matter what it is you do, there’s only ONE that can judge you.

I’m just sayin’…


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