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The FLushing Meadows Globe In Queens

The Flushing Meadows Globe In QUEENS

I’m a Queens nigga till the day I die… Doesn’t matter where I live. My heart is always going to be In Queens.

We created a movement that birthed some of the greatest Hip Hop artists ever and I was there for it. Thinking back to what shaped my young mind in the 90’s and what I like today is almost a 180 degree difference in style, but the music that made me who I am today still rings clear in my head.

Which brings me to Nas… I hate em. Why?

Only because he’s an idiot and made me lose a little bit of faith in Hip Hop with his double talk and stupid moves, but I can forgive and forget. After all, we’re from the same borough (QUEENS) and that’s LOVE…

One of the first Hip Hop songs I embraced and carried with me was his “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” and after Illmatic dropped Nas hit em with “One On One” (Street Fighter Soundtrack). Not many people know about this one because the soundtrack and movie flopped and “One On One” was never released as a proper single. All I can say about this song is that it gave me chills when I heard it because what he was spitting was so real and it’s undeniable to look past how real it was/is to this day. I can remember how sweet the piano loop on the track was and how hard the drums hit… The way he had those Mobb Deep niggas on the bridge talking that QB slang… How he just killed me with those words…

“In the Rotten Apple, take a bite taste the worm/ Embrace the world of reality we’re faced to learn…” -Nas

If you think about the realities we each face it really makes us no different as HUMANS. The homeless woman on the street that can’t afford lunch… The businessman who has an alcohol addiction… The young woman whose family is forcing her to take her life in a direction she hasn’t chosen for herself… All harsh realities so many of us pretend to be oblivious of and choose not to face. Cause see when you come from the worst part of town, you’re forced to embraced the harsh realities, but when you’re not from there, the harsh relates that those that are better off face are hidden under layers of lies and self loathing just to save face and that shit is hard to handle and a bitter pill to swallow in the long run.

“Niggas respect violence so I become it…” -Nas

Words to live by because isn’t it true? Our society and way of life is centered around violence. We’ve become so accustom to it that we now pretty much embrace it and don’t look away at the sight of blood and death… We’re desensitized to it now, so why not become it?

“Too wild for my own self, hopin help is near/ Street Fightin’ was cool but in school I brought a new tool/ Toolin with the devil, a rebel, a fool…” -Nas

Some of us get caught up in the shit that the world pushes on us to the point where one gives into the pressures that make us trade in our fists for a pistol… It’s what kids in the suburbs go through now and isn’t just isolated to the “ghetto” anymore. The world is truly a fucked up place if you think about it… There’s little the President’s annual State of the Union Addresses can do to protect yourself from shit, so tool up.

There’s so much more in this song that makes sense, but you can listen for yourself and make up your on mind on it.  So basically from this I just see things for what they truly are and can’t front and say that one day I do want to make a difference. Shit… I do believe I can make a difference in the world if I apply myself, but everyone (including myself) is scared to face a challenge 1 on 1 nowadays. I think that’s what Nas was getting at with this jawn… That people are just scared to stand up as individuals and fight for what’s real anymore…

I ask myself if I’m ready for it and to be honest… I don’t know.

– H Diddy Blogger… Out

“Just a one on one where we got to fight, yeah/ Imagine this no gun no knife/ Just a one on one, a one on one…”

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Listen/Download: ===> Nas – One On One

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run_dmcRUN DMC was the first Hip Hop music I got a taste of back in 1986. I remember rockin’ out to this on Z100 when it used to play like a good mix of everything that was hot!

When I heard this it sent me swangin! I had to buy the album. (Refer to my 1st blog ever Where Is The LOVE? to get more insight on how I fell in LOVE with the music).

I copped their album Raising Hell and it made me look at things a whole lot differently and looking back I think it was a time in my life that I can remember vaguely, but cherish  because it kind of set me to go down a meaningful path with myself at a young age. I started to become interested in music, art and writing. I was only 5 or 6 at the time and that was MONUMENTIOUS!

So first off, I want to thank RUN-DMC for being the inspiration that’s made me want to do this FOREVER….

And when I think about home and where it all started Jamaica, Hollis, Queens Village and even the Southside… I smile and think to myself everything I LOVE came from Queens. Family, Life Long Friends, Places and Experiences…

From my first crush to my first kiss it was in Queens… Today, things from the motherland (Queens) seem to have come back into my life and blessed me again, but that’s another blog and another day.

I’m kind of tearing up here (tears of joy) cause to me everything that once meant so much to me is starting to comeback to light and I owe to… Well… They know who they are and I’m thankful for them bringing back that memory for me.

negativeI used to tend to dwell on the negatives of my past to keep me from making the same mistakes again, but that kinda brings you back to the negative because in every negative situation you can pick the positives out of it and find yourself going back to that shit like people who are addicted to drugs… OR… PERFECT EXAMPLE a bad relationship (“Break Ups, To Make Up”) you go back to what you feel comfortable doing, but if shit ain’t gonna change where’s it going?

I went though it for a good part of 2 years and apparently a couple of my close friends are now too (thank goodness I ain’t trapped up anymore, but I’ll hold y’all down when the shit hits the fan again).

AS I see it the line between “what’s good for us” and “what’s been good to us” is thin and can blur our thinking sometimes… It can be blurred up to the point where you want to say, fuck it I’m gonna go all in cause this is all I got going for me right now, but you know what?

When I think a thing like “HOME” (Queens) all I can remember is THE GOODNESS and that’s all I really want. Nothing else, but GOOD. So I’m going to carry that notion with me no matter where I end up geographically, relationship wise or in life in general. IF you strive for what is meaningful, right, and GOOD you’ll see the best outcomes down the line.

And even though life is moving at a moderate pace for me right now I’m not gonna slow walk it out, I’ma go HARD, so I can go HOME because no place has brought me the experiences and people that Queens has.

PAUSE===> Now this is no disrespect to everyone I’m close to now. I love y’all like fam, F, Kenny, Shaun, Ali, Julie, Aby, Shkeema, Teresa, Jared, Kofi (even though you are from BK), Alex (BK again..), KJ, BB, Nammi, Jeny, My French Tutor, C4, my wonderful work crew, of course Lois Lame and if I forgot you it’s early and I’m buggin’… SORRY DAWG (SIDE NOTE: Aby you’re right, I can’t see you saying “dawg” or “dogg” that’s so odd…). Y’all mean the world and drive me with every bit of insight my crazy ass has taken in and spilled over time.

It’s just the most SPECIAL of the SPECIAL seems to have come from this part of town and I think in retrospective it’s a sign… We’ll see…

SO let’s go back and focus on RUN-DMC being inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Below is video of the induction with Eminem, Rev Run, DMC & their families… R.I.P. Jam Master Jay…

This is milestone for Hip Hop and Queens. I come from the greatest Borough in NY (Sorry Brooklyn…) and when I finally come back home, I’m gonna smile and say, “we did it because this is the HEART of NY…”

H Diddy Blogger… Out

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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