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Song Of The Day…  “Selfish

Well yeah… Maybe I am selfish, but whatever… 😉

I’m callin (Yeah maybe I’m selfish)
Out to (I want you to myself I can’t help it)
All my (Yeah maybe I’m selfish)
Y’all my, ladies and I can’t (maybe I’m selfish)
(I can’t) Let you (let you)
(I want you to myself I can’t help it)
Be with (yeah) no one (yeah) but me (yeah) baby

Love this record…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“And New York women are way too fresh/ Too much on your mind let me ease that stress/ I wish you all were mine it’s so selfish/ Maybe I’m feelin’ myself too much I guess…” 😉

D/L: ===> Slum Village ft. Kanye West & John Legend – Selfish

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So I’ve been really, really, really feelin’ this record lately and finally saw the video and it is an AWESOME reminder of how music can be fun :-). I Miss shit like this for real… No one takes the time to be creative and fun in their videos nowadays.


I liken myself to Jamie in this video cause I think I can out stunt my “just like me” too. She’ll prolly disagree, but when I come though in a white on white, white girl Phantom and POST UP, she’ll get the picture. I taught 50 Cent & G-Unit that Stunt 101 shit! 😉 HOOOOOOOLLLLLLAAAAAA!!! 

And speaking of videos, I just put together my first one for Nickelus F. It’s dropping in a day or 2. Straight RAW! The rough copy looks crazy, but obviously there’s always room for improvement. We’ll be doing a lot of videos in the near future. So watch out. I’m setting myself setup to direct and edit my own shit now cause I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE… YEAH…

I think this is a new hobby that will definitely benefit the team in the long-run… We’ll see.

Any hoots… Enjoy the Jamie Foxx S.O.T.D.~!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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