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It’s Friday and I have a confession. I’m in LOVE

 She was my crutch… My crutch when I’m faint…  I got to tell her…

She’s my LIFE & LOVE. I got to tell her!

Cause now when it comes to PURPLE I SEEN IT IN MASSES!!!!

I don’t fuck with nothing else but you! I LOVE YOU!!!!  🙂

Roll that purple up… Niggas slacking in their macking. Simpin’ in they pimpin’.

Glad I got you baby! You the only one I can count on man. You my crutch man…

Give me two minutes y’all, I’ll be back with y’all in a minute! I gotta roll up…

Shit I don’t even SMOKE WEED (anymore..) AND THIS NIGGA CAM got my nose open on that PURPLE HAZE… KILLA SEASON HAS RETURNED!!!

D/L ===> Cam’Ron – Purple Haze

LISTEN ===> Cam’Ron – Purple Haze

– H Diddy Blogger… Out!


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This is one of my favorite songs EVER. The energy Juelz Santana brings to this track and his delivery always touched my soul and made me really feel what he was saying (NO HOMO). Today being 9/11 7-years 11-years later, I thought I’d share with you this song… -H

LISTEN ===> The Diplomats – I Love You (2003)

“I still smell the rotten people that lay/ Down at ground zero, forgotten, left there for days/ Probably left there to stay, left in decay/ Broken pieces of towers, left at their graves(hey)!/ I pray let them be saved, until then, that’s just a suggestion I made/ You follow me homie?!?!” – Juelz Santana “I Love You” 2003

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