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I’ve been a little behind on posting music from the Ninas, but they got a new video for their lead single from The Other Side (EP). What’s ill about this is that the dude who directed this (Treezy)helped us on Nickelus F’s “Nurp!/Toast & Jelly” backin 2005…. Now he’s doing videos for my favorite twins from my hometown… What a great look! Treezy if you read this holla at me! Nick’s got some shit poppin’ right now!

Anyways… The video is very dope. And as usually the Ninas are holding it down!


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It’s officially on! The NiNa’s are dropping the same day as Nick? I suggest you all get both these jawns… They’re crazy!

Here’s the latest from their The Other Side EP (08.3.2010)

Oh yes… I’m writing again too…. I’ma buckle down and finish my new jawn this weekend. All I can say is… It’s all about the LOVE. 🙂

Oh yeah… And I got some NiNa Sky/Ryan Leslie collaborations from there 2006/2007 album The Musical that never came out 😦 …. I’ma let go of those very soon!

Get at ME! NSFL!!!

Download: Nina Sky – The Other Side

Download: Nina Sky ft. Kidz In The Hall – Only You (Take Me Away)

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My girls never disappoint. This is brand new off an EP they are putting out soon called The Other Side and samples Sagat’s “Funk Dat.” If you were alive in NYC in 1994 “Funk Dat” was a smash club record and it actually made the Billboard Top 40. The Nina’s resurrected this classic and mad a straight SMASH!

I can’t wait for this new project… It’s gonna be a very dope summer.

Shoutout to gfcny.com for the early look on the song.

Download/Listen: Nina Sky – You Ain’t Got It (Funk That)

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