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Questionable fashion tastes and great music… RYAN LESLIE is a true artist. I’m fucking with the video (minus this nigga wearing skinny jeans, silver loafers <==Lanvin Shoes…(Thank you for the correction Nykaulys) & a blouse). But over the past year I’ve garnered a new respect for R. Les and now I fuck with his music more than Ne-Yo’s, The Dream & R.Kelly’s. He’s really a talented dude and his music really speaks to people like me who aren’t afraid to spill their personal shit creatively.

This new single is a banger and remember bitches… Just remember… “You’re not… You’re not my girl.” 😉

Vodpod videos no longer available.

D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie – You’re Not My Girl

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Didn’t even peep this yet. Thank you Nykaulys for the link!

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Song of the day… Razah has really come up and I’m loving this new song and hope the kid’s album comes out tight!

This joint (“Higher“) I’m a little late on. It was released, I think in the Spring time, but it’s amazing and makes me feel… Well… AMAZING! It’s one of those records that makes me look back even though I’ve been trying to look forward… This record brings a smile to my face when I think about how after a short stint of time; the thought of someone who made a difference in my life (that is gone now) can still move me like the day I realized how they made me feel.

Life’s funny that way…  With it’s ironic twists and turned, but overall it leads us in the path we’re suppose to be on I suppose… I stopped counting my blessing long ago and now I’m counting on myself to make myself go HIGHER…

Enjoy this one for what it is and hopefully you’ll find that special someone that makes you take off and feel HIGHER.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Bless the day that you walked into my life cause I was lost before you… You opened up my eyes to things that I never ever seen before/ You took the darkness away…I can see clearly now/ The rain is gone I’m above the clouds/ I’m looking at life in a different way….. The connection that we share/ Nothing in this world could ever compare/ I felt it from the start…”

D/L: ===> Razah – Higher


Razah ft. Bun B & Rick Ross – On Top Of The World


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Daaam Drake you Killin' Em...

Daaam Drake You Killin' Em...

D/L: ===> Drake ft. Nipsey Hu$$le – Killer

LISTEN: ===> Drake ft. Nipsey Hu$$le – Killer


VIDEO for Jamie Foxx ft. Drake, The Dream & Kanye West – Digital Girl (Remix)…

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Very dope video and I actually like Rih-Rih’s part. POW! PEACE TO M.RELL for the link 😉

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I like the Jay-Z version more, but fab did his thing and I’m kinda liking the new album a lot more. very dope video and simple.

Good job Loso!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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My 2nd favorite song off his self-titled album because it’s just one of those ironic songs that seems to ring true to life if you let it… And I refuse to let it… Cause I personally think it’s worth waiting for when destiny is involved 🙂

Any hoots… This is a sort of mini-movie/music video trailer for a short film he’s doing… I think… I don’t know, this dude is as weird as me when it comes to the creative shit. He’s here and there and every where!

D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie – Shouldn’t Have To Wait

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Nick kills another radio show on our NYC trip… Look out for the short film coming soon….

“That thing so juicy… I bust it like a U-ey… OH! you part Italian? Well come get with a Moole” – Nickelus F

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50 flipped my favorite Case song (“Touch Me, Tease Me” ft. Mary J. Blige & Foxy Brown)… This is why I do what I do, to bring it back to the days when it meant something… Get 50’s Before I Self Destruct when it drops in September!!!

50 don’t stop! 🙂

D/L: ===> 50 Cent – Touch Me


D/L: ===> Case ft. Mary J. Blige & Foxy Brown – Touch Me, Tease Me

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mika-Life-in-cartoon-motionSo in my more plumper days… Like 2 summers ago I got to meet this guy named Mika through my homie Kal Penn (Yes Kumar & star of one of my favorite movies ever The Namesake). We ended up going to his concert and getting to hangout with Mika backstage. ..   Long story sort, I didn’t even know who the fuck this tall, skinny, British dude was about, but I played along like whatever.

So my man Jay from Universal hooks me up with his CD after the show and I love it! It’s super candy pop music, but I fucked with it. I still dig his CD to this day… And  I found out that Mika was the #1 selling international pop start of 2007 too? this guy is caked up like that???

So yeah… It’s 2009 almost 2 years exactly to when I got familiar with his music and he got a new jawn out called, “We Are Golden.” Ironically enough that’s a phrase the Muse and I used to share all the time and kind of makes sense cause I never fully believed it when it came from her, but maybe I should have and I wouldn’t be on the outs like I am now… (Notice I carry on about spilled milk even when I’m posting a song…)

Any hoots, the dance remix of this is kinda fire and in true Mika spirit HAPPY! So I’ve chosen 🙂 Get it!

“Running around like a clown on purpose/ Who gives a damn about the family you come from?/ No giving up when you’re young and you want some!” -Mika

Thank Me Later… H


D/L: ===> Mika – We Are Golden


D/L: ===> Mika – We Are Golden (CALVIN HARRIS REMIX)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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They say the video sometimes makes the song better, in this case is sure does! This is officially my jam of the week now. 🙂

R. Les is getting 1 more cool point for this one, I won’t take back what I said about Ne-Yo & Lil Mo making better collaborations with Fabolous though… It’s just true…  Superwoman & 4-Ever and Make Me Better & She Got Her Own

Vodpod videos no longer available.

D/L: ===> Fabolous ft. Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie – Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (Album Version)

LISTEN: ===> Fabolous ft. Keri Hilson & Ryan Leslie – Everything, Everyday, Everywhere (Album Version)

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Disclaimer: I’m writing specifically for someone who I kinda feel is like a big deal. This one isn’t to really entertain or teach or preach or to spill my guts about an issue or to poke fun at something… It’s just some real heartfelt words for someone who means a lot to me and who has inspired me to do better. So you may not get what I’m talking about if you choose to read on, but enjoy it and maybe you all can pick something from it that you can possibly relate to.

summer&winterAs summer starts to heat up so does our spirits and minds. We start to think about being active rather than reactive like we are in the winter. You know what I’m saying?

In the summer we’re out and about with things to do (ACTIVE)… While in the winter we’re shut in looking for something to do that will hold our attention and captivate us long enough to make it to the sunny days that come with the changing of a season (REACTIVE).

People that come into our lives are like that sometimes too… And I think my Muse is no different… See people take the chance to let people into their worlds they feel they can trust or look to for support, guidance or just a kind word now & then and that’s what happened with us. We came into each others lives with that in mind, but somewhere the lines got blurred because we never really knew each other well enough to let each other  in as much as we did and to be honest it kinda fucked things up.

dream_catcherI don’t regret anything I’ve said or done because to be real the only reason my Muse doesn’t have  a place for me in her life now is because I’ll be the first person to tell her that she doesn’t have to do what she’s doing and to keep believing she can go through and accomplish her dreams…

Yeah… I’m a big believer in going after your dreams and what you believe in, which is the hype that kinda captivated me into digging this girl so much in the first place cause she was all bout it bout it when we first started talking, but I guess the pressures of the life around her set the stage for what eventually happened to our friendship…

Text_MessagingBut then again, I can’t front; we clashed on so much because of the way we communicated. Drumming up an issue to a person like me through an IM, a text or an email is like wanting a war of words you can’t win because I just don’t give into a jab and now realizing where this has went, maybe she wasn’t that serious in her “talk” as i figured and a lot of the jabs from my end were superficial… Or like she says, ” I misconstrued” what she was trying to say… All I can say to that is, how can I misconstrue something when it’s so clearly stated in bold letters?

Think about it…

Well too little, too late for me… I’ve been cast off by my Muse… She told me that I’m too “negative” and I cramp her style now…  Which naturally blew me away and hurt since I can think back and recall her saying I was blip of positive light in her life at some point, but that was before “reality set in” I guess and we all know what  reality is when you let it “set in?”

It’s when we become content with what we have to deal with because of  life changing circumstances… It’s not necessarily what you want or what will make you ultimately happy, but when you have the “grin and bear it” philosophy in your head you’re gonna have to “roll with the punches” and get continually beaten down by those punches in the process… You can either fight it or smile and take it and try to live with the decision you’ve made to SETTLE for what you think is the only thing left for you.

I guess to smile and take it takes STRENGTH to do and is commendable and is something I respect. After all LIFE is what we make of it at the end of the day? But don’t take the piss out on me because I still believe in all the aspirations and dreams you had or rather “have.” I just tried to keep my mouth shut before because you react rather than relate and try to understand…

I mean you tell me one day that the sky’s the limit then a couple of months down the line it’s content with… A new path… New people… A new outlook that kinda left people like myself out to dry and I thought  that would never happen because of our connection. But I guess a strong bond mentally is only as strong as it’s weakest link and when you’re not vibing with me, the small things we have in common, like music, or favorite color (Green), Nina Sky…  and dreams, seem to not mean as much when you decided to replace them with a whole new mentality.

museAll I can say is a sincere FUCK YOU! for your reaction and not take it back… I may have lost my Muse in the physical, but she’ll always inspire me to be positive and do right. I can say maybe, just maybe she’s given up on a not so clear dream she once had, but I’ll let her know this now… That dream is still in me and I’ll make sure it will come true whether you decide to accept it or not.

As retarded as this whole thing may seem, it’s how I feel… You wonder why I’m so open and engaging with people… It’s because when I bottled in my feelings I was a shell of the person who captivated you 7 months ago… And what’s sad is, you’ve kinda went backwards on me and slowly, but surely shut me out…

The void you’ve left for me creatively is going to be hard to fill because no one ever has inspire me like you have. You pretty much built this “blog”  because of the things we’ve talked about or experienced has been in every bit of writing I’ve had since I met you. You’re truly MY MUSE and I’ll never forget what that means to me going forward.

I can say fuck it all and not keep a place for you in my heart, but I won’t because like I expressed a long time ago… My friends are like family to me and no matter how negative you think I am or how much you feel I’ve tried to pick at you or argue with you, it was all meant with good intention and I think you know that because if you think back on every fight. You only “won” because I gave in, but I’m not gonna ever let someone write me off for something I’m not and that’s how we ended up here…

You choose to take it for what you want it to be in your head, but one day I hope you realize that this dream we shared is easy enough to achieve if you have the heart to do it again. I’m in and will always be, I’m building and growing and expanding. I wrote that Dear Summer blog with you in mind because I saw this coming awhile ago…

Now it is what it is and this is not closure, but a break from a friendship that had too much going on in it so soon, with too much distance to actually piece things back together before it was too late so we had to peace it out…

H Diddy Blogger… Out

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Joe Budden – Whatever It Takes

This sets the mood cause I don’t like Joe Budden, but this song kinda always made me feel like there is a way when you see how fucked up it really can be… He puts it down clearly, openly, honestly and most of all is real with his words. This song is what makes me not want to be what my Muse thinks I am. This song is what makes me want to put it on paper and say fuck it. The best artists are the ones who draw from personal experiences with honesty and articulate it to through their art. You’re favorite artist does that (Ryan Leslie) and I can tell that he’s speaking directly too you sometimes and he does the same to me since I got put on I’ve been open…

“Fuck the World, fuck my moms and my girl!/ Well, maybe not mom, jus’ lemme’ remain calm./ This too won’t last, this too shall pass/ At least that’s what I say y’all, that’s what I pray for/ ‘An’ I’m the only thing that’s standin’ in my way y’all/ But I gotta be with me, it’s no escape y’all…/ I guess depression REALITY just stepped in, an’ took-over shit like it’s known ta’ do…” -Joe Budden


D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie – I-R-I-N-A

“Sometimes words they just get in the away-Ryan Leslie

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All my QB niggas stand up! Another banger from 50. Get at me!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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This joint started as a freestyle and ended up a banger apparently the lead single to Kid Cudi’s album.

Kanye on the beat and everyone comes off. This is the type of jawns that make me want to…


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Music = Life 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is one of those that was missing off Officer Ricky’s Deeper Than Rap album. It didn’t make it in time for the release date, but it sounds like it’s gonna be a banger.

According to R.Les it might go on his next album which is suppose to be out this Fall or Offer Ricky’s next one. I’m excited for album #2 from Ryan cause #1 actually holds some weight with me on a couple of different reasons like Jay-Z’s Vol. 1 & Blueprint albums and Nickelus F’s Cut The Check.

The genius behind the words these niggas use has been my motivation.


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This is dedicated to ___________ & every girl in the world…  It’s the 4th and I love this song and I figure no better time to share it then now 🙂

I know you seen me on the video (true)
I know you heard me on the radio (true)
But you still don’t pay me no attention
Listenin to what your girlfriends mention
He’s a slut, he’s a hoe, he’s a freak
Got a different girl every day of the week
It’s cool, not tryin to put a rush on you
I had to let you know that I got a crush on you

-Notorious B.I.G.

Today I’m going in and bowing out tomorrow.

Dear Summer…  I know you’re gonna miss me.


D/L: ===> Lil Cease ft. Notorious B.I.G. – Crush On You (Original Version Off Lil Kim’s Hardcore album)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Here’s some stills from the Silverust “Racquetball” video shoot!

Yeah we shot it back in January… 2 Days after New Years, it’s 7 months later and we got screenshots!!!!! YAY!!


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It’s true… It was a great day! 🙂


Drake – Best I Ever Had

‘Vodpod videos no longer available.

50 Cent – OK, You’re Right

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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As I watched this… All I could think was “tit”illating

Kanye West directed it and it seems to have a theme of big breasts and ass moving in slow motion, but I can kinda see the underlying motive here. Which is…

Tell any girl she the “BEST YOU EVER HAD” and she’ll think and do anything for you. 😉

Total brain fuckery!

Any hoots… Very dope visuals, witty dialog and of course the golden boy Drake.

The video is a winner (For visuals alone, the concept of the video is booty… Literally and figuratively).

Either way, congratulations Drake on the new business venture with Young Money/Universal. You definitely accomplished what you set out to do and even though it’s been a minute since we all chilled or even talked I got to thank you for at least proving the doubters wrong and now you got em all on your nuts.

That’s motivation for me kid.

Thank Me Later…. H



Vodpod videos no longer available.

PS: Your team is smart for dropping it the same time as 50 Cent’s “OK, You’re Right” video… Totally took the wind out of 50’s sails on that video…. 😦  (Even though I love that jawn a lot!)

Drake buzz > 50 Cent buzz?


Just different and calculated like how all good marketing plans should be, but that’s the key to success! 🙂 GREAT MARKETING…

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The video is as dope as the song!

50 is back!

Before I Self Destruct coming soon… 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Serious Song… Serious Video… Serious Artist…

Mr. Hudson = Awesome!

D/L: ===> Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West – Supernova

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I’ve been bumpin the War Angel LP all week and this is one of the best jawns off it for sure and 50 opens the song accordingly by announcing, “THIS IS FOR THE BITCHES…”

Yeppers! This is classic 50 Cent and the shit we’ve been missing. I’ma buy Before I Self Destruct… I promise!

Thank Me Later… H

“Me & You girl, there’s nothing we can’t do. You like girls. I like girls too. We got something in common. Now how the hell can that be a problem?” – 50 Cent

D/L: ===> 50 Cent – I’ll Do Anything

Vodpod videos no longer available.

JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ===> D/L: ===> 50 Cent – War Angel (LP)

50 Cent - War Angel LP FRONT

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Honestly the only Gucci Mane song that ever moved me was So Icy ft. his arch nemesis Young Jeezy. Very awesome song!

This new jawn is strictly loved cause the video is SWEEEEET! Cars, Women, Mansions and a few more of my favorite things… 🙂

Makes me want that rap money even more! LET’S GET IT!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Ryan Leslie has officially been back in rotation for a couple weeks now… Feelin’ good and the music is awesome!

Well… Not the last couple of tracks I’ve heard leak, but can’t expect everything to be classic.

Any hoots… Here’s him and Jadakiss performing the remix to one of my favorite tracks off the R. Les album.

So Wavy… On High Tide….

D/L: ===> Ryan Leslie ft. Jadakiss – How It Was Supposed To Be (RMX)

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“The Fast Life”  blog is in edit mode, but I’m 10 feet from being done… I’m that close!

For now here’s some vintage footage of Dipset from 2003… Let’s see if they get it in @ this years Hot97 Summer Jam… I’m hoping…

I’ll be on my Twitter checking all the updates as it goes on.

Enjoy this video.

Jacked from NahRight.Com

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I had this song since like late February and now I’m just getting on it after seeing the video… I’ve never been one for random trickin’ unless the woman is worth it, but it’s a new day and like the say, “it ain’t trickin’ if you got it” 😉

The Muse put me on to the hottest line in the jawn a few weeks back and tonight I just started rockin’ with this. Gonna be my running man music @ the GYM tomorrow morning.



“Paper or plastic?/ It’s safer to ask it / So DEAD that nigga I will pay for the CASKET” – Fabolous

D/L: ===> Fabolous ft. The Dream – Throw It In The Bag

LISTEN: ===> Fabolous ft. The Dream – Throw It In The Bag

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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One of the few tracks I really fuck with from Kanye’s last album… “Paranoid”

The video is pretty dope and Rih Rih makes a special guest spot in this one. Enjoy!

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I love it when the baddest chick in the game makes songs about ME 🙂

I talk like this… CAUSE I CAN BACK IT UP. -H

D/L: ===> Beyonce ft. Kanye West – Ego (Remix)

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I’m kinda liking all the Eminem stuff that’s leaked. He seems to not give a fuck again. I like that Eminem (No Rainbow)

Dr. Dre goes in on this one too ( I wonder who wrote this jawn for him?)

LISTEN: ===>Eminem ft. Dr. Dre – Old Time’s Sake

D/L: ===> Eminem ft. Dr. Dre – Old Time’s Sake



I got this one up on STR8HIPHOP.COM, but missed it in the blog 😦

The 3AM video… So creepy…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Here’s a pretty creative video made for The Dream’s  “Hater” song ( bonus track off his last album).

Very dope song and arguably when it comes to women I’ve never hated on the dudes they pick till… Well I’m trying my best not to even go there on this one… We’ll let God sort it out.

Anyways, my second favorite song off The Dream’s new album and inspriation for my Hater…. Blog.

And don’t get it twisted…

“If I was your man….. I’d… hit that sh*t like A-Rod…. Don’t you understand I… (I’m)… I’m trying to be your favorite blogger on your blogroll” 🙂

D/L: ===> The Dream – Hater

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Don’t get it twisted, I’m not about bringin’ it back, I’m about keeping it TIMELESS…

This song really, really makes me happy. 🙂

It’s like one of those jawns that reminds me that there’s still hope for “real love.” Whether it be in music, life or relationships (Not trying to get all mushy and ish, I’m just saying).

Pete Rock & CL Smooth put down so correctly with this record and it’s summer in NYC & the islands vibe makes me want to just run away, but I can’t we got something monumentious going on, so… I got to stick around till next summer to make that move.

Any hoots I feel I got a love and it’s strong and will carry me through till the sweet end. Which to me there won’t be, I want this shit forever man…

Got to love it! 🙂


“So in every escapade there’s a panty raid/ You know the rules, slippin off them ewes; then we can settle/ With the woman that can take me to that next level/ Lay down the guns and make sons we can teach/ From the horseback rides, and the walks on the beach/ And if you got pretty feet I won’t cheat/ I’m into strictly black pearls when I rocket y’all to different worlds… I GOT A LOVE.” -CL Smooth

D/L: ===> Pete Rock & CL Smooth – I Got A Love

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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F goes in over a classic Black Moon jawn

D/L: ===> Nickelus F – 16oz = 1lb (Freestyle)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The new King of VA Nickelus F comes through to rep with Little Brother, Hall Of Fame & Skillz of this Fusion production!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Well… I must confess to all of you… I’m in LOVE… In LOVE with…


See a few of my close friends know about my LOVE for these 2 right here, but think I’m coo coo bananas. It’s not no sick stalker LOVE… It’s like I just LOVE them cause they’re cool.

I mean they’re cute and all, but I’ve been mesmerized by their angelic voices since the first time I heard them and since then they’ve been my favorite.

AND NOW! They’re finally back with some new music and still hot as ever!

Truth be told there’s at least ONE other person I adore out there as much as these two and that person LOVES Nina Sky too 🙂 and that’s what I call bawwwsss!

So here it is their new video and I hope you enjoy it cause to see these 2 at the top would make me feel like a million trillion bucks! 🙂

Welcome back Nicole & Natalie, we missed you 🙂

“Ego Trip” Blog coming soon…


D/L:===> Nina Sky – On Some Bullshit


D/L:===> N.O.R.E. ft. Nina Sky – Shoulders Move

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I missed you Em… (pause) I like the new jawn!

D/L:===> Eminem – We Made You

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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