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I was loving this song when it came out way back in like September I think…  Now the video is here! YAY!

It is abit underwhelming, but entertaining in its own right. I like Gudda Gudda’s verse the bestest! 🙂

“I’m Gudda Gudda/ I Put Her Under/ I See Me With Her/ No Stevie Wonder/ She Don’t Even Wonder/ Cauz She Know She Bad/ And I Got Her Nigga, Grocery Bag… “

Vodpod videos no longer available.

D/L: ===> Young Money ft. Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Lloyd – Bedrock


D/L: ===> Young Money ft. Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Omarion – Girl You Know (Original Version)

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As I watched this… All I could think was “tit”illating

Kanye West directed it and it seems to have a theme of big breasts and ass moving in slow motion, but I can kinda see the underlying motive here. Which is…

Tell any girl she the “BEST YOU EVER HAD” and she’ll think and do anything for you. 😉

Total brain fuckery!

Any hoots… Very dope visuals, witty dialog and of course the golden boy Drake.

The video is a winner (For visuals alone, the concept of the video is booty… Literally and figuratively).

Either way, congratulations Drake on the new business venture with Young Money/Universal. You definitely accomplished what you set out to do and even though it’s been a minute since we all chilled or even talked I got to thank you for at least proving the doubters wrong and now you got em all on your nuts.

That’s motivation for me kid.

Thank Me Later…. H



Vodpod videos no longer available.

PS: Your team is smart for dropping it the same time as 50 Cent’s “OK, You’re Right” video… Totally took the wind out of 50’s sails on that video…. 😦  (Even though I love that jawn a lot!)

Drake buzz > 50 Cent buzz?


Just different and calculated like how all good marketing plans should be, but that’s the key to success! 🙂 GREAT MARKETING…

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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I don’t know how my friends are still my friends since I got the flipcam…

I guess I’m just that dude or I smell really good and they just can’t get enough of that 🙂

Checkout the latest video blog… Part 1 of my Philly trip. Nothing major, just the more PG-13 shit I could show on the web. 🙂  -H

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Been waiting for this one…

And this line is dedicated to… ===> 🙂 “But anyway I think you’re BIONIC and I don’t think you’re BEAUTIFUL, I think you’re BEYOND it…” -LiL WaYnE 🙂

D/L: ===> Lil Wayne ft. Drake & Young Money – Every Girl

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Been cool with Drake since 2005 and he’s been putting in massive work with my artist Nickelus F from VA. Long story short, this Degrassi TV star is about to BLOW! This track is one of many to come with his new homeboy Lil Wayne. It’s called “Ransom” and is straight heat from both these niggas….
Oh and Drizzy? Are you signed with Young Money or not??? Wayne says you are in this new DJ Semtex interview… you tell us!

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