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AIM: hdiddydollar Website: http://www.twitter.com/hdiddydollar http://www.myspace.com/hdollar http://www.amgentertainment.net http://www.nickelusf.com http://www.str8hiphop.com Personal Info Activities: Traveling... Making money... Spending money... Music...Writing... Interests: People and what makes them tick... Of course music. Favorite Music: Hip Hop (Nickelus F, Drake, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Cam'Ron, Diplomats, State Property, the list goes on....) R&B (R Kelly, Chaka Kahn, DeBarge, Mya, Dru Hill, Usher, David Hollister, the list goes on....) Rock (Mika, The Frey, The Beatles, Oasis, any group from Great Britian that made a hit in the US before the year 2000) Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons ( Don't watch much TV, but the Simpsons been holding it down since I was a kid!), Hardball, Meet The Press, The Wire, Desperate Housewives, Sopranos, Lost, South Park, Colbert Report, Daily Show & whatever is on the news channels when I actually have a TV on. Favorite Movies: Carlito's Way, Love & Basketball, Dude, Where's The Party At?, Dude, Where's My Car?, Citizen Kane, Brown Sugar, Roots, Scarface, A Clockwork Orange, The Devils, Paid In Full, Goodfellas, Pi, Half Baked, Kite Runner, The Namesake... I'm all over the place with the flicks, I dig different genres all day, EARLY! My Favorite Movie of the moment is Cam'Ron's Killa Season... Not because it's good, but because it can't get any worse! Favorite Books: Behold A Pale Horse, Red Storm Rising, Biography of Malcolm X, The dictionary ( I refuse not to know what the f$&; k you're talking about!) Favorite Quotes: 00. "Me I put the "Ga" in Gangster... You? You put the "Wa" in Wankster... Keep steppin' homie! - Juelz Santana 2003. 01. "I'm young & successful. I'm living perfection! And oh man... If '09 is when I'ma see mine, then being cool ain't enough I'ma freeze time like that..." -Drake 02. I’m the other guy. No I’m not your man... I recognize my role and I’m glad. I make you smile when he makes you cry… Oh wow how great it feels to be the other guy. Who’s the other guy you say? I’m the other guy. That nigga you don’t want your man to know about. Who you can hit up late night and I’ll hold you down…” - Nickelus F "The Ova Guy" (Not my style, but i love this song!) 03. "People see you in the street and pretend to be friendly, but I know any type of success breeds envy..." - Jay-Z 04. "I'm about a DOLLAR. What the fuck is 50 CENTS" - Jay-Z 05. “God hates ugly and he loves me. He made me like this so stop hating and make more stacks… Listen up stop handcuffin’ nigga cause if you got to keep a leash you ain’t really with her” -Nickelus F 06. "With me... Women be building these skeptical walls, but once you slept with one dime, man! You've slept with em all!" -Drake 08. "A face of stone, was shocked on the other end of the phone/ Word back home is that you had a special friend/ So what was oh so special then?/ You have given away without gettin at me/ That's your fault, how many times you forgiven me?/ How was I to know that you was plain sick of me?/ I know the way a nigga livin was whack/ But you don't get a nigga back like that!/ Shit I'm a man with pride, you don't do shit like that/ You don't just pick up and leave and leave me sick like that/ You don't throw away what we had, just like that..." - Jay-Z 09. " I have breakfast @ The Ivy. You can grab some lunch to go. Having dinner @ Chateau, right across from Lindsey Lohan!" - Drake 10. Uh, yo don't get mad at me/ I don't love 'em I fuck 'em I don't chase 'em I duck 'em/ I replace 'em with another one/ You had to see she keep calling me BIG/ And my name is Jay-Z/ She be all on my dick/ Gradually I'm taking over your bitch/ Coming over your shit/ Got my feet up on you sofa, man/ I mean a hostess for my open hand You coming home to beer shifts and there be soda cans/ I got your bitch in my Rover man/ I never kiss her, I never hold her hand/ In fact I diss her I'm a bolder man I'mma pimp her, it's over man/ It's over man, it's over man... -Jay-Z (1999) About Me: I'm awesome... That's about sums it up!

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