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Didn’t even peep this yet. Thank you Nykaulys for the link!

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That's me in the middle... The fam made me a cake to celebrate! 🙂

September 3rd will mark the One Year Anniversary of me being a “Blogger.” I didn’t think I’d be this dedicated to doing this when I first started… It was kind of something that Shaun got me on because he used to spill his thoughts on his MySpace blog… Overall I’m proud I’ve grown more though letting people know about me through writing and I’m going to go through some of my blogs and list my top 10 blogs to date for y’all on 09.03.2009.

I’ve got a lot of things I’ve looked back on and thought, “wow what the fuck was I thinking when I wrote that.” And then there’s ones that I’ve felt showed the real me… Then there’s the one’s where I went back and amended my words cause I learned something from a reader who was just a little more insightful than I was about things at the time…

Right now… All I can say is that I’m proud of this whole deal and to all my regular readers, all I can promise you is more crack! I’m back and kind of leveled again. Life’s good and I’m ready to do this like I’m doing it for TV…

STAY Tuned….


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

“I’ve got this feelin’ inside/ Got me searching for someone to find the PERFECT ONE for ME that I can trust in/ And I’ve been yearning for someone to LOVE me just for ME, just for ME…” -Bobby Brown

Don’t ask me why this is the mood music… It was on when I was writing this and like I always say when my niggas from my hood on… “IT’S A QUEENS THANG… I DON’T EXPECT YOU TO UNDERSTAND!” Shout outs to Khadafi , Mic G. & Marly Marl!

D/L: ===> Bobby Brown ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Mic Geronimo – Feelin Inside (Marley Marl Remix)

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Super bored… Think I’ll prolly cave and go out with the fellas tonight. POW! 😉


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mariah-careyI often wonder what love is… I got an unfinished blog about LOVE I’m gonna let go of soon. I’ve just got to find out what it means to actually be loved by a chick for the right reasons. It’s weird to think about it, but I can honestly say I don’t know what true love is… We’re forced into love sometimes, sometimes love is a settlement for a better future, but those aren’t options for me. I want the real deal and I want to see it build from nothing to something and beyond…

It’ll come when the time is right and she will come when the time is right, but till then… I still want to know what love is

Yeah… I’m in sappy in the crib all weekend mode.  Enjoy the new MC…

D/L: ===> Mariah Carey – I Want To Know What Love Is

LISTEN: ===> Mariah Carey – I Want To Know What Love Is


The original song Mariah Carey Covered

D/L: ===> Foreigner – I Want to Know What Love Is

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Download: Nina Sky ft. Rick Ross – Flippin’ ThatnO_Splenda-sweetnerSo Alex & one of the Nina Sky’s (I think it’s Nicole…)  thinks it’s funny to diss my slanguage… Well F y’all! I’ll say “NO SPLENDA” all I want.

I ain’t mad at y’all for saying “Oye Mi Canto” or “Más Maíz” or Alex for his wack ass saying “Wackle Juice” (come the fuck on…)

Well I’m used to the hate as it is… It seems people come together when it comes to hating on H Diddy… I’m used to it.

I stopped caring who loves or hates me about a month and a half ago. So if it makes you happy to diss me for saying “NO SPLENDA” so be it…

Nickelus F came up with it any ways! 😉

Nina Sky ===> I’ll prolly see ya’ll September 9th @ SOB”s 😉


…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

Download: Nina Sky ft. Rick Ross – Flippin’ That


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Much love to HustleGRL for the off the chain graphic work on the cover art!

There’s 3 version of this song that exist

1. Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Nickelus F – Forever (Original Version)

2. Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Nut Da Kid – Forever (Young Money Version)

3. This one…

The first one only a few people including myself have… I like the 1st one best cause everyone comes off equally and the chemistry between the 3 is way better. The version we got here is straight… I’m fucking with it because of the names on it alone and Boi 1da killed the track!

The original might surface sooner or later, but we’ll see…

Enjoy this one though…

“It may mean nothing y’all, but understand that nothing was done for me. so I don’t plan on stopping at all/ I WANT THIS SHIT FOREVER MANE…”

D/L: ===> Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem – Forever (Produced by Boi 1da)

LISTEN: ===> Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem – Forever (Produced by Boi 1da)

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Venus Vs. Mars…

jay-zThey finally leak something dope from BP3… It looks like all the Timbaland tracks are on the streets. Interesting. Anyone think that one or two of these will be cut form the final version of BP3??? There might still be time…

Anyways This is classic Jay & Timbo love… The beat sounds Neptunish at times, but Jay comes off and kills it!

“We was suppose to “Takeover…” I caught her bumpin’ “Ether…” <=== WORD 2 LIFE, That’s how it happens, one day you talking about big dreams with you  & than out of nowhere shorty ETHERS you… How real is that?


D/L: ===> Jay-Z – Venus Vs. Mars

LISTEN: ===> Jay-Z – Venus Vs. Mars

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