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The Silverust & Nickelus F – You Too Video

Co-Directed by ME! 🙂

I’m so into this bootleg video shit now… They look hot cause they’re creative and we got more coming!

The Racquetball had a budget, so it’s gonna be another 5 months till we see that 😦

Anyways… Let’s go in!

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Me & F collaborated on a video and this is what we made. A press release is below for everyone so can understand the point of the video…

Shout out to Radio B for putting the idea of doing this video for this particular song.

Also much love to OnSmash.com for all the love.

This my first time directing and editing any video… So if you think it’s bootleg… FUCK YOU! It took me 3 hours to do and F shot 15 mins of him rapping to make this happen ASSHOLE!!!! 🙂

Anyways… Here it is… -H

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Nickelus F – The Beast Video on Vimeo“, posted with vodpod



In the wake of the recent murder of 22-year old Oscar Grant by an Oakland police officer on New Year’s Day, which was captured on video by various people who witnessed it, up and coming Hip Hop artist Nickelus F has made a music video for a song addressing the issue of police brutality called “The Beast.”

It’s a well known fact that most cases of police brutality are never reported or swept under the rug by the police themselves or the courts.

Given the turbulent times and various dangers on the streets today, it’s becoming harder for police to make clear judgment calls when it comes to tactics they use in restraining a perpetrator. But with this most recent case in Oakland it’s very clear that an officer has crossed the line again and something needs to be done.

In this age of video phones and YouTube, it has become almost common place for people who witness these things to document them on video. We urge everyone out there who witnesses events such police brutality to make it be known that police are not above the law and should conduct themselves with the notion of “protecting and serving the people.”

The question of what can be done is on “us” the people… Musicians can articulate a point while entertaining, but how we carry on that message as a people is what will bring about change.

Nickelus F’s song “The Beast” is a descriptive work that plays on the notion that police carry themselves above the law and the various clips of brutality and murder by police in the video help clearly state his points.

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More new Jay-Z… Shit reminds me of some “Allure”/”I Know” jump off!


Thank me later… H

LISTEN:===> Jay- Z – Money Goes

D/L:===> Jay- Z – Money Goes


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So I’ve been really, really, really feelin’ this record lately and finally saw the video and it is an AWESOME reminder of how music can be fun :-). I Miss shit like this for real… No one takes the time to be creative and fun in their videos nowadays.


I liken myself to Jamie in this video cause I think I can out stunt my “just like me” too. She’ll prolly disagree, but when I come though in a white on white, white girl Phantom and POST UP, she’ll get the picture. I taught 50 Cent & G-Unit that Stunt 101 shit! 😉 HOOOOOOOLLLLLLAAAAAA!!! 

And speaking of videos, I just put together my first one for Nickelus F. It’s dropping in a day or 2. Straight RAW! The rough copy looks crazy, but obviously there’s always room for improvement. We’ll be doing a lot of videos in the near future. So watch out. I’m setting myself setup to direct and edit my own shit now cause I CAN DO WHATEVER I LIKE… YEAH…

I think this is a new hobby that will definitely benefit the team in the long-run… We’ll see.

Any hoots… Enjoy the Jamie Foxx S.O.T.D.~!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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So with the coming of the new year I’ve developed a new attitude and a new plan to LIVE FOREVER!

I figure if I can perserve my boyish good looks and make my body healthier; and let’s say in 15-20 years science will give me the capability to LIVE FOREVER!

So how do it do this? Im already on a fast paced weight lose plan, but the energy to make my body run has to be PURE and from MOMMA NATURE.

So I’ve decided to alter my molecular structure ( you know like when you drink a lot of diet soda it changes your DNA) well I’m gonna do that, but with healthy stuff.



I’ve never been one to eat a lot of red meat as it is, but to cut it out would make me feel a lot better and will make my metabolism run a whole lot smoother. I might start rocking leather to make up for my bovine neglect. Sorry Ms. Sirloin, we need some time apart so I won’t fall apart and I can LIVE FOREVER!



I’ve cut back on this as well, but want to see if I can do without or have it in moderation. Sugar is like CRACK! literally! LOOK AT THAT SHIT! I’m not too big on sodas and I don’t drink alcohol (well at least until Feb. 7, 2009… Might cut it out entirely if I’m up to it by then). I don’t like SPLENDA… It tastes funny and makes your pee smell funny. I think the monster that peed in my old car was a SPLENDA ADDICT 😦 . But real talk SUGAR is going to be an H-Diddy no-no for a bit. I love you my sugar pie honey bun drenched in chocolate sauce and syrup, but I got to keep it moving if I want to LIVE FOREVER!



I ain’t gonna stop eating this at all… As a matter of fact I was thinking of eating more of it because I heard the BACON GREASE gives you a nice shiny complexion, but I don’t want to have a shiny non-beating heart at the end of the day 😦  too. I’m gonna just fall back and eat less BACON, I guess, like all bitches that give it to you right, there’s always something there that’s gonna kill you… I don’t think BACON is gonna try and chop off my wang, but if I keep eating her, she might make my wang unusable 😦 and I don’t want that at all if I’m trying to LIVE FOREVER!



I got scared into not messing with these anymore (Thanks K)… 😦 and that lady in the elevator at work that told me, “High blood pressure is the silent killer!” made me think. I used to drink 1-2 16oz NO CARB ROCKSTARS with the extra extra jack of caffeine in them on a daily just to stay awake. Now since I’ve tapered off of this JET FUEL, I’m feeling so much better. I might grab a Red Bull here or there for some wings to do things, but I’m going to slowly stop doing that too so I can LIVE FOREVER!



It’s sad that I can cook and only do it like maybe 3-4x a month now… Sooo.. I’ve decided NO more DEVIL WINGS with Shaun, NO more KABOB with Ali, No more RIBS, FRIED CHICKEN & PIE with my sister. NO MORE EATIN’ out unless I’m taking someone special out to eat. Even then I’ma limit my intake so I can LIVE FOREVER!



I’m what you would have called a social smoker. If someone passed me a cig I’d smoke it. Knowingly smoking was bad cause I know it can kill you. I was kinda on the whole smoking thing for a few weeks in the Fall because it did make me feel less stressed, but I decided to stop before it became a habit… Liquor well me and Lois Lame had a bet and we’re both sticking to it to 02-07-2009, but I think I’m gonna just not drink anymore after that… Maybe, I love me some Ciroc Obama though, but I do want to LIVE FOREVER!



If you didn’t know by now, I’ve limited the people around me to a select few who are worthy of my present 😉 I kid… I kid… I really just trimmed the “fat” away recently and decided that some people were either:

1) too depressing to be around.

2) just lame…

3) terrible people.

People who bring you down take years off your life. Now I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and positive people around me. Looking at the people who left my life and the people who are in it now, you can see a drastic difference. In the last month or so I can actually say I’m HAPPY!


Shaun (He’s awesome!) noticed it the other day and said he hasn’t seen me so happy ever. And you know what… I am H-A double-P-Y HAPPY! :-). I ain’t gonna announce it to the world on my facebook status or tell everyone on Twitter… BUT! I’ma say it now and definitively only because I owe it to MYSELF.  So YES… some voids have been filled in my life and I’m admittedly at one with myself for once. I guess you can say I found my “Secret” to happiness and that’s one of the keys that will help me in my quest to LIVE FOREVER!


So now that I’ve gotten rid of the shitty food and I’ve gotten to get rid of the shitty people in my LIFE, LIVING FOREVER is just a hop, skip and a jump away from reality, if I don’t get hit by a car before science makes it a so 😦 .

I’m confident that won’t happen anytime soon… 😉

H Diddy Blogger… Out

…:::MOOD MUSIC:::…

D/L: ===> Tyga – Live Forever

LISTEN: ===> Tyga – Live Forever

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As Nick’s Heathen approaches we’ve decided to drop a few jawns to warm ya’ll up.

He went in on the 50 Cent “I Get It In” beats…. He straight kills this and sounds like he’s going at Joey Budden & the whole Slaughterhouse crew…

I know F don’t battle anymore, but I’m glad he put these niggas in they place cause they all suck to me… STEP YA’LL MUSIC GAME UP! Joey’s aight, but he ain’t move me since 2005… And the more he fuck with these lame niggas, the more his musics been sucking…

OH SNAP! I got my first shout out on a record in a minute! Big up to you F for making me part of your rhyme scheme… Peep what he does using the letter “H’ in my name if you can pick it out… It’s kinda ill and reminds me of how Jay or Big Daddy Kane used to put it down with the shit that’s above niggas heads…

So here it is…

“H-Dollar made it so I get seen…”Nickelus F

Thank me later… H

Listen: ===> Nickelus F – I Get It In Freestyle

D/L: ===> Nickelus F – I Get It In Freestyle


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