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This was a great weekend! Nick killed it at the show in VA, I’m back on my creative cruise control shit and I wake up to new Nina Sky in my inbox. These 2 jawns are on some pop shit, but I’m fuckin with them because it’s sort of a different sound for the Ninas.

Excuse the typo "now" = "new". "iPhone predicitive text" = "sucks"

“Good Luck” is one of those straight “needy chick” I don’t need a man if he don’t appreciate me shit songs. Nina Sky has made a lot of these type of records. I chalk it up to being young, but it’s really starting to help breed a generation of women who try to hold on to loser’s hearts… Ladies… If a man doesn’t appreciate you the “love” doesn’t exist then… Don’t waste your time on a twit! I don’t want to see the Nina’s wasting time making silly girl songs like this. As a dude we look at chicks who talk like this as “weak.” Get your mind right…

On the other hand, I’m really fuckin’ with “DJ Made Me Do It” because it kinda leaves off on where “Beautiful People” ended. They out gettin’ it and this is what’s happening. This is a really good song. It’s on a Prince vibe, if you’re a fan of his y’all understand what I mean. The production and the progression on the track move like one of his joints from the 80’s. LOVE IT!

You got to love the Ninas! Well… C.E. and my blog buddy Mileka don’t exactly get why I’m obsessed with their music, but there’s one person out there that does… 🙂

Enjoy the music people!


Listen/Download: Nina Sky – Good Luck

Listen/Download: Nina Sky – DJ Made Me Do It

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Another studio leak from R. Les. This one I really like. Reminds me of the music that he made off the first record so the vibe makes me happy. Any hoots… I ain’t got much to say so I’ma just throw this song up and let y’all do what you do while I do what I does. 😉

UPDATE: Just got sent over 3 other R.Les jawns… Haven’t even listened to em. so you call it… Thank Me Later…


Listen/Download: Ryan Leslie – When I Think About Luv (I Do, I Do)

Listen/Download: Ryan Leslie – Here She Comes Again

Listen/Download: Ryan Leslie – Get Closer (Produced by Ryan Leslie)

Listen/Download: Ryan Leslie – Too Late

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The Glow…

I’ve been really taking this life of “leisure” thing seriously lately and I feel in 20-10 that’s the way to go. People who “grind” for it don’t always live the best lives. So I decided to work smarter and not harder my whole life. My philosophy comes with its ups and downs, but overall I’m pretty much coasting and the rewards will he infinite as time passed.

My  blatant flaunting of such things has enraged people like my sister, girls I’ve dated and even some of my friends who think I live in a dream box wrapped in fruit roll-ups (I love fruit roll-ups). They look at me funny sometimes ===> O__o. But whatever… That’s who and what I am.

So as I venture deeper into my obscure way of life/thinking I bring to you the anthem for people who want to see into the world I love to live in. “The Glow

Are you fuckin’ with me? 😉


“Our friendships end in a petty clash… We make new friends and they won’t last. Let’s celebrate this life of leisure. Who really cares if it lasts either? Got the GLOW… We got the GLOW… “

Listen/Download: RJD2 – The Glow

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Been having a good day and added Lloyd Banks “Smile” back in rotation and that made the day even better (PAUSE). 🙂

I have my reasons to smile lately because life is good and I can’t front you live and love it as it all comes along. I’m also happy to make others smile too. That’s my mission in life to make em smile. 🙂

And as you know there’s always some meaning behind everything I write/do and last time I really felt this song I had a good reason to smile and like with most smiles that feeling was mutually shared. And I’ll be daam’d if  I kinda feel that way again, but it’s a different time, place, space and definitely a different feeling for me now… So I’m just enjoying the moments as they come because that’s all you can really do since none of us are really promised tomorrow, so we got to live for today.

They also say you should never look back on something that was never meant to be, so I choose to look at what’s in front of me and beyond because the past was great, but what I’ve got now and got to look forward to is much sweeter. 🙂 That’s another reason I should have to smile… 😉

Get with the new and SMILE BITCHES!!! 🙂



Whenever I’m not around, and you feelin down
Let the thought of me be (I be the reason you smile)
I don’t wanna see you frown, like them kids watch a clown
I wanna bring you joy and be (I be the reason you smile)
Baby, you know my style, you know how I get down
I provide by any means to be (I be the reason you smile)
We done been through ups and downs, had drama for a while
I’m just happy I’m around to be (I be the reason you smile)

D/L: Lloyd Banks (G-Unit) – Smile

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Anjulie is hands-down my favorite new artist on the indie scene and she keeps hittin’ with smashes. This one is called “Addicted2Me” and is one of my favorites of her self-titled album. She’s the type of artist that like so many of my favorites makes music I can relate to, learn from and enjoy on more levels than just the melody… She’s definitely got what it takes to last in the game. Wait till her major release drops and you’ll see! She’s in the studio recording more shit for y’all for 2010 so lookout for that and more from her.

She’s amazing dogg…


Vodpod videos no longer available.

D/L: Anjulie – Addicted2Me

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I’ve only jacked one other blog in my life and that was off of Lois way back in the day ===> This Isn’t One Of Mine… It’s A Lois Lame Original!

This time I took this one for peace of mind as I write something else that’s a little more heartfelt and meaningful from my own pot of creative stew 🙂

FYI: After watching this video… I realize I’m pretty closed-mined in my “open-state” of thinking and I’m sorry about that to those I’ve come down on because of it, but fuck it!

We live, We learn & We learn to forgive and forget the bullshit.

Enjoy this one it’s It’s a C-Flo jawn 😉

I’m taking a humanities/environmental studies class on Culture and Nature this semester. I love this class! It really opens your mind to new things and you are able to think more critically about everyday things. Anyhow, my awesome professor always gives us extra “FYI” pieces on our online discussion board. Last night he sent us this video about open-mindedness. Although this deals with the open-mindedness with the supernatural, his explanation is so good, it can be applied in other situations as well.

Please take a look at this video. I hope maybe you will be learn about yourself and be more conscious about what you do or say when placed in situations typical to this.

BLOG JACK MOVE VIA: Am I Clear? … Cristal

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Not as serious as it looks, but it was a good night and we had a dope time at the show! Much love to Drake & Niko for the accommodations.

To me Drake & Nickelus F are the future of Hip Hop and 2010 will show most if not all of you some shit. I’m just glad I played my part in the rise of these 2 stars.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Courtesy of Duy Nguyen

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